Hey, Hey, It's Jonathan Newsome Day

By Jason Priestas on July 21, 2010 at 2:00 pm
Consume, gents.

So, the Buckeye Battle Cry 2010 is out in newsstands across the state (full list below) and as alluded to a couple of weeks ago, it boasts a stellar lineup of your favorite writers breaking down the Buckeyes ahead of the 2010 season. Which is a good thing, because if it were left to us to write all 128 pages of glorious ad-free Buckeye porn that you get in the annual, we'd likely produce something awesome, yet not quite as diversified as what you'll get in the final product. Some of you have already picked up the book from your favorite retailer, but if you haven't, please allow me to convince you of the need to do so. What follows is a quick summary of the articles found in the magazine:

  • Primed - I break down the position groups and likely starters and backups heading into this season. From running backs to defensive backs, the opener has you covered.
  • Know Thy Enemy - Hawkeye State from Black Heart Gold Pants previews the roadblocks standing in the way of another national championship run. Special attention is given to Miami, Iowa and Michigan, but Marshall and other "trap" games get equal treatment.
  • Extending Best Practices - Alex reviews what went well in the 2009 season and explores how the Buckeyes can improve upon these successes this fall.
  • Pryor Emerging - Brandon Castel from The-Ozone dives into the growth of Terrelle Pryor and what to expect from the talented junior this season.
  • A Meeting of the Minds - Ross Fulton, or BoulderBuck55 from Buckeye Football Analysis breaks down the Ohio State offense and the transition from a hodgepodge approach that led to disaster against USC and Purdue into a unit that exploited "series football" on the way to winning the Big Ten title and the Rose Bowl against Oregon.
  • Exceeding Expectations - Matt Markey of The Toledo Blade explores the emergence of Dane Sanzenbacher from a spot on the Ted Ginn Sr. tour to playmaker and potential captain at Ohio State.
  • Buckeye Battalion - Our own Sam breaks down the loaded running back situation by touching on the backstory and skillsets of the seven-headed monster lining up behind Pryor this fall.
  • Protecting Pryor - Dave Biddle of Bucknuts previews the deep and experienced Buckeye line, while giving us unique insight into the personalities on the unit. You'll find out that Bryant Browning not only led the group in minutes last season, but he might also be the class clown of the group.
  • Bigger, Better, More Often - The Plain Dealer's Doug Lesmerises profiles Cam Heyward and his relentless pursuit of awesomeness.
  • Back on Top - Ramzy Nasrallah of Bucknuts chronicles the rise of Ohio State from big-game bust to national championship contenders, and the danger of high expectations.
  • Roadmap to Glendale - Dave and Drew from The Silver Bullet preview the keys to another championship appearance.
  • The Fall of Michigan - Tony Gerdeman of The-Ozone explores the chaos in Ann Arbor and what it means to the rivalry. If you're a fan of his "Michigan Monday" features, it's more of the same, only deeper. And more profound.
  • Marquee Talent & Intriguing Potential - Vico from Our Honor Defend takes a look at the class of 2010 with the same thoroughness that he he brings in his "Better Know a Buckeye" features.
  • Ohio's Finest - Alex has the top seniors in Ohio covered, many of whom will be Buckeyes next fall. Hello, Braxton!
  • Winds of Change - Luke chronicles the latest in Big Ten expansion, including the addition of Nebraska and what the future might hold for the conference.
  • Graduate School - Corey takes an in-depth look at former Buckeyes doing their thing in the NFL. A glorious shot of Will Smith in the Super Bowl is provided at no extra charge.
  • When Chic Harley Got Away - Todd Wessell, the great nephew of the Buckeye icon and man responsible for Ohio Stadium gives readers a glimpse into the life of Ohio State's first superstar.
  • One Game Short of Glory - 35 years later, Joe recaps the 1975 season, touching on the many highs of one of the greatest Buckeye teams to ever take the field.
  • Remembering John Cooper - I explore the tenure of John Cooper, who despite all of the heartbreak his teams brought, was responsible for cranking up the Buckeye recruiting machine to a new level.
  • Jim Tressel, Future Athletic Director - The 11W staff imagines a life after Tressel on the sidelines and whether that future might include an AD role for The Vest.
Udaman, Jonathan

By now you're probably wondering what the title of this post has to do with the contents. As amazing as this book is, and trust me, it's amazing, it went to press with an omission of sorts. Twitter user @ScriptOhio picked up a copy and rightfully pointed out that one Jonathan Newsome wasn't mentioned in the linebacker breakdown. Though he was included on the team roster page, this was an oversight on our end and it's regrettable on many levels, particularly because "Double Nickel" is one of our favorite young Bucks.  Luckily, Newsome has forgiven us and has vowed to "ball out" this season, which is a great thing for us and a bad thing for opposing offenses and special teams. So, with that, I heartily encourage you to pickup the annual and pencil-in Newsome in the linebackers section, making an otherwise awesome book truly badass. To make up for this, we have three copies to give away to the commenters that best describe their favorite Buckeye moment in the comments below. Please include your email address when commenting to be eligible. Finally, here's a full list of retail locations carrying The Buckeye Battle Cry 2010:

  • Kroger
  • Giant Eagle
  • Walgreen's
  • CVS
  • Rite Aid
  • Walmart
  • Meijer
  • Target
  • Kmart
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Borders
  • Waldenbooks