Jamel Turner Claims to Have Been Shot

By Jason Priestas on April 18, 2010 at 6:38 am

Rumors began to pop up here, there and everywhere that troubled class of 2010 recruit Jamel Turner had been shot twice in Youngstown yesterday afternoon.  The proverbial horse's mouth seems to confirm things on Facebook:

Turner needs to get out of Youngstown

This hasn't been picked up and confirmed by any major outlets around Ohio, but assuming it's true, Jamel is lucky to still have a future in football.  His nonchalance aside, the difference between minor injury and death can be a matter of inches.

His best bet would be to get as far away from Youngstown as he can right now, but that may not be an option.  After getting into some trouble his junior season, he transfered from Ursuline to Fork Union, but was later asked to leave the military academy and was back in Youngstown.  Tressel briefly touched on Turner when asked a question about him after the team's first spring practice, mentioning he had changed venues and was still pursuing his degree.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Turner and his family.

UPDATE: Confirmed by more newsy types.