Whodunnit: Crean or Izzo?

By Chris Lauderback on March 9, 2010 at 7:35 pm
Mr. Class could be to blameThe Rebuilder is no OSU fan

With the somewhat shocking revelation that The Villain won the B10 media's unanimous vote but not a unanimous nod from the coaches, we immediately and sorta jokingly tweeted that Tom Crean was behind the madness thanks to his behavior following the second of two beatdowns handed out by Turner and company.

As you recall, Crean blew past Matta's post game handshake in Halley's Comet fashion and also appeared to be a little riled by Turner's smiling reaction to Wil Buford clanking an attempted windmill dunk in the second half.

That said, there's another suspect in the form of the almost always classy Tom Izzo. Personally, I hold Izzo in higher regard than anyone in the conference, aside from my homeristic love for Matta, but he could also be the culprit based on his comments shortly after Ohio State's upset win in late February:

He gets stats and deserves some of them, but when you're playing 40 minutes a game and you've got the ball in your hands 98 percent of the time .."

Now, I didn't hear this comment to gain complete context but I find this to be a bit out of character for Izzo. Further, he probably spent some time answering questions last year when Kalin Lucas controversially won the award over Turner and maybe he wanted to make a small statement by denying ET a unanimous vote?

It's conceivable it was another coach but doubtful. So, whodunnit?