BlogPoll Ballot: Final

By 11W Staff on January 11, 2010 at 7:00 am

In the final BlogPoll ballot, Alabama takes the top nod with their win over Texas, but we took the Longhorns over Florida for keeping the game close without their leader for the whole game.

We never bought into the Boise hype and while they are a good team, we don't think they would beat Florida on a neutral field. Same holds true for Cincy and TCU, against OSU, Iowa or Penn State.

1 Alabama 14-0. Won MNC game and beat 6 ranked teams over the season, defeating #1 Florida and #2 Texas in their last 2 games. --
2 Texas 13-1. We liked Texas all year due to Colt McCoy and the Longhorns made the championship game interesting, even though Colt was out and a freshman was getting his first taste of action. UP1
3 Florida 13-1. Tearbow deserves his props, capping off a stellar college career with a BCS record 533 total yards and a 51-24 whoopin' of Cincinnati. UP3
4 Boise State 14-0. Undefeated, but only beat 2 ranked teams and though we appreciate the Boise program, we don't think they beat any of the above teams. UP1
5 Ohio State 11-2. Won their last 6 games after Purdue Harbor and TP rekindled the hype surrounding him in the Rose Bowl. UP2
6 Iowa 11-2. Won their first 9 games and defensively dominated the Orange Bowl. Could prove to be Ohio State's toughest test at Kinnick Stadium in November. UP3
7 Penn State 11-2. We're somewhat B10 Homers, but we also think PSU can't beat the 2 teams behind them, with losses to only Iowa and Ohio State. UP3
8 TCU 12-1. Undefeated until the Fiesta Bowl, we don't think TCU's rushing attack could win a game over Iowa or PSU, after getting just 36 against Boise. DOWN6
9 Cincinnati 12-1. Lost momentum when Brian Kelly left and were outclassed by Florida in the BCS game, possessed the worse defense in the top 10. DOWN5
10 Virginia Tech 10-3. Won their last 5, including 37-14 win over Tennessee in the Chick-fil-A Bowl. UP5
11 Georgia Tech 11-3. 12 yards passing in your bowl game doesn't get you in the top 10. UP1
12 Oregon 10-3. High powered offense was shut down in Rose Bowl, but winning the PAC-10 gets you in the top 12. DOWN4
13 Brigham Young 11-2. Only losses were to Florida State and TCU and demolished Oregon State in their bowl game. DOWN2
14 Nebraska 10-4. Won 6 of their last 7, with their only loss coming in a controversial ending at the Big 12 title game. UP3
15 Wisconsin 10-3. Losses to Ohio State, Iowa and at Northwestern, while capping the season off with a B10 style win over Miami in the bowl game. --
16 Pittsburgh 10-3. We've never been high on the Wannstache and the Big East. Pitt lost their last 2 regular season games and beat UNC 19-17 in their bowl game. UP2
17 LSU 9-4. Offense never matched the talent of their defense and losing to 'Bama and Florida didn't help. DOWN4
18 Utah 10-3. Losses to Oregon, TCU and BYU, with a bowl win against Cal. --
19 Southern Cal 9-4. The defense fell apart in the second half of the season, losing 3 of their final 6 games. --
20 Miami (Florida) 9-4. Went 4-3 in their last 7, after winning 3 of their first 4 games, all against ranked teams. DOWN6
21 Central Michigan 12-2. Only loss in their last 13 games was at Boston College and played in one of the most entertaining bowl games. UP2
22 Mississippi 9-4. Didn't live up to preseason hype, after starting 4-3 and QB Snead made a big mistake leaving early. --
23 Clemson 9-5. Completed an up and down season with a 21-13 win over Kentucky in the bowl game, won ACC Atlantic Division. --
24 Navy 10-4. One of our season's favorites after they played the Bucks tough in the Shoe. Won 9 of the last 11, including a bowl win over Missouri. --
25 Florida State 7-6. Plain and simple, a Big Daggummit to Bobby Bowden. --

Dropped Out: West Virginia (#16), Oklahoma State (#19), Oregon State (#20), Arizona (#21), Stanford (#22), Northwestern (#24), East Carolina (#25). (Last Week's Ballot)