Civil War Open Thread

By Jason Priestas on December 3, 2009 at 9:30 pm
Jed died of dysentery what would you like to do?It was the best of times, it was the worst times, and this was legal in tackle football.

The opposing side of the 4-team Rose Bowl playoff bracket is in full effect this evening, as 8-3 #14 Oregon State travels to Eugene to take on 9-2 #7 Oregon in the 2009 edition of the "The Civil War" (which could be the most watched Civil War in the 206 year history of the state of Ohio). Winner gets a year of in-state bragging rights, and more importantly, books a trip to Pasadena to go toe-to-toe with the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Oregon enters the Civil War, the first in the rivalries' 115 year history that sends its winner to the Rose Bowl, about to wear their 12th different uniform in as many games. Each of the jersey combinations are suggested by former college teammate of Tiger Woods (and perhaps most notable for his lawsuit against the PGA Tour) Casey Martin, whom serves both as the school's golf coach and unofficial 'Uniform Coordinator'.

If you're not as familiar with either of the two schools and want to know which side to cheer for, the Dispatch's Rob Oiler seems to have gathered that the consensus recommendation of the nation's media elite is the Ducks. It's worth nothing that everyone's favorite national columnist, Gregg Doyel, when asked about the matchup, was under the impression Dennis Erickson was still the Beavers' head coach. Ivan Maisel also seemed convinced that the absolute value of beating Oregon is less than that of not beating them. Or something.

Finally, in conjunction with our dear friends from the Hawkeye asylum at Black Heart Gold Pants and our Hokie brethren at College Game Balls and Gobbler Country, we're turning back the clocks to all those Thursdays you spent at Out-R-Inn and The Bier Stube, having a little fun, and live blogging the festivities. Feel free to come by, have a few, and root for either Ducks-Bucks or (OSU)^2.