Purdue Open Thread

By Jason Priestas on October 17, 2009 at 8:00 am
Are you experienced?
Kickoff: 12:00PM ET
Previews: 11W, OHD, WWAHT, Boiled Sports,
Hammer and Rails
Favorite: OSU (-13½)
Television: BTN
Radio: OSU Football Affiliates
Weather: Chilly

Offensive explosions are nigh they say.

As long as Terrelle Pryor continues to play better on the road than he does at home, they might be right. Purdue has a middling defense at best and their offense is going to run into a front that discards blocks like they're covered in herpes.

Better yet, if you're betting on the good guys, is that the Boilermakers have shown an exceptional ability to fumble the mundane this season. And if anyone is a master of taking care of the mundane, it's James Patrick Tressel.

So fire up, get ready for your nooner and feel free to follow the action and provide your own commentary.