How is This Even Legal?

By Jason Priestas on October 5, 2009 at 9:00 pm
Pryor and his superhuman stretch (click to enlarge)[Click to Embiggen]

While we're all busy fretting over the plays Pryor is not making, I thought it would be worthwhile to spotlight one that he did make.

On the opening drive of the game, the Buckeye offense had just crossed midfield and had a first down at the Hoosier 41. On first down, Pryor sailed a ball five feet over Dane Sanzenbacher on the right sideline. It was rightfully cringe-inducing.

On second down, Pryor drops back to pass and gets decent protection, but doesn't find anyone open downfield. He tucks the ball and takes off to his left where he picks up an easy five yards before getting forced to the sideline by Indiana cornerback Richard Council. As Council goes for the hit, Pryor eludes him and lunges, triple-jump style, for the remaining three yards and the first down (he got a pretty good spot, but he definitely made the marker). Think about that. On any given play, Pryor is capable of stretching out three or four more yards on his feet when things look dead.

The Buckeyes would end up settling for three on the drive when Posey couldn't come down with a well-thrown third down pass in the end zone, but as Pryor grows more comfortable within the offense, these little hidden yards, and their demoralizing effect on opposing defenses should become more of the rule than the exception.

Video here.