About Those Missing Plays...

By Jason Priestas on October 9, 2009 at 2:11 am
Bobby Denning WILL SELL YOU ANYTHING.Local commercials are dandy, but not quite as exciting as watching the Buckeyes

Earlier this week, the Big Ten Network was quick to trumpet the fact that Columbus set a single-game, single-market record for the network's telecast of the Indiana game. When a metro of two million drops everything on a Saturday night to watch some football, that's bound to happen.

What their press release didn't mention, however, was that fans were shorted about three plays or so when commercials overran the resumption of game coverage. A lot of the heat was directed towards the BTN, and the net is aware of said heat. Consider the note we received:

We’ve noticed quite a few comments about Comcast and other cable companies inadvertently running commercials over game action during local commercial breaks, and we’d like to let your readers know we’re aware of the problem. We have identified that the problem is occurring in specific areas and on specific providers. We are working with the cable companies so that they can fix their technical errors and allow fans to see all the action we’re providing. Thanks for watching.

Summary: The BTN loves you and wants you to be happy and would appreciate it if you called your local cable provider the next time something like that happens.

Pelini Rising

Tressel is under contract through 2013 and will most assuredly leave on his own terms, whether that involves another extension or not. Who knows when he'll ever decide to hang it up, but if some observers are correct in their assumption that he probably has another five or so years in him, it's a fun exercise to think of who might succeed him. You have the names often thrown out such as Fickell, Meyer, Pinkel, Dantonio and you probably have to even consider Darrell Hazell at this point. But, does Nebraska's Bo Pelini deserve to be in the mix?

The last time Buckeye fans saw Pelini up close, he was calling up blitzes on a dazed Todd Boeckman in New Orleans and the former Buckeye safety is now in the process of turning around Nebraska. In an unforgiving downpour, his defense completely dominated Blaine Gabbert and the Missouri Tigers at home last night. You can't blame a Buckeye fan for daydreaming about what kind of damage a Ndamukong Suh would do in the Shoe someday.

Is It the Shoes?

LBJ and Block O, what could have been

We're not quite the sneakerheads we were in our younger days - in fact you're more likely to catch us in a pair of Chucks than rocking the latest Jordans or Starburys.

But that doesn't mean we didn't get excited when we saw the Nikes that the men's basketball team would be wearing this season.

Sure, it's not as cool as the pink look, but there's something about seeing LBJ and a Block O together that will stir the juices of most Ohioans.

A tad bittersweet, however, as the combination of those two recognizable logos makes one wonder about what would have been had the NBA had their one-and-done rule in place back in 2002.

Zoltan FAILsko

Finally, this:

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