'09 Badgers More Disciplined, Opportunistic

By Jason Priestas on October 8, 2009 at 12:48 am

The excellent Wisconsin blog, Bucky's 5th Quarter, sees three reasons to like the Badgers' chances this weekend in the Shoe. The first is improved play at quarterback, while the other two relate to improved discipline and opportunism.

The undisciplined behavior a year ago extended to all areas of the team, from the defensive personnel's inability to follow their assignments when facing an option attack to the offense's perpetual problem with turnovers to unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and boneheaded clock management decisions by the coaching staff.

Aside from fumbling issues, the Badgers have been a much more disciplined team this season. Not only has the frequency of the penalties decreased, but the nature of the Badgers' infractions has been much more palatable. Didn't it seem like last year you were just waiting for Matt Shaughnessy to get called for roughing the passer in a key spot in the fourth quarter? Or for a reversal of a missed field goal by the opposing team because Wisconsin ran 12 guys out onto the field? Those types of costly errors have diminished.