You Can Tell He's Cris Carter's Son

By Jason Priestas on July 29, 2009 at 12:55 am
Why is this fool holding an iPhone in front of my face.Tressel, no doubt wondering who the slob holding the
iPhone up to his face is

Those seven perfect words came from Kurt Coleman on the second and final day of Big Ten Media Days. You knew Duron would grow into something special, but Coleman's quote implies he's probably further along than we could have imagined:

"Duron Carter has looked good. You can tell he's Cris Carter's son. His hands are very, very good. But it's, I guess you would say, the things that go into making a wide receiver great. He knows if a DB is going to play me this way, I need to do this. He's good at adjusting his routes and getting to the right place at the right time. You can tell he's well-coached."

Coleman also said Dane was the number one receiver on the team at this point, which has us simultaneously dreaming of the next Wes Welker and then wondering if a Welker as your top receiver is enough to derail the Trojans.

Tackle Updates

Tressel threw out three names competing for two open tackle spots: Adams, Miller and Shugarts. Ken Gordon doesn't think Browning and Cordle are out of the mix completely, but I think he's right when he says the spots are Adams and Shugarts to lose.

So far Adams hasn't lived up to the (probably unreal) hype and Shugarts has been slowed with injuries. The Brew Crew has yet to really form for game Saturdays, but never underestimate the great motivator of seeing one of your classmates come in and have some early success.

Get It Back, Blue

One of the more interesting and surreal storylines of Media Days was hearing Tressel and the players asked if they're rooting for Michigan to get back to where they should be. Ballard had the following to say on the matter:

"I've got friends who are big-time Michigan fans and I always tell them I hope Michigan gets it turned around. They need to get back to where they used to be."

Coleman, eh, just a little bit:

"In a sense, yes, you're pulling for them. I wouldn't say 'root,' but I honestly hope everyone in the league does well, especially in non-conference and bowl games."

Tressel, for his part, was gracious, saying essentially that Michigan will be Michigan again, and soon. Which inspired headlines to reassure the faithful at home:

You can relax now, Wolverines

Breathe easy, Michigan fan. The coach of your most hated enemy is saying everything will be okay.