Tressel Somewhat Mum on Berry

By Jason Priestas on June 15, 2009 at 8:58 am
Non-violent offenses are handled in FloridaLittle known fact: Oz took place in Orlando and the
inmates were all busted buying marijuana

Ken Gordon caught up with Tressel to get his thoughts on Berry's arrest and it was what you'd expect out of Tressel when he's still trying to get his head around the situation:

"(I) probably won't know (if Berry will report) until early this week, when we get a little early indication as to really what we're facing, as opposed to hearsay. I don't have much information yet."

"Obviously, anytime guys get into situations that you'd rather not have them in, it's disappointing. But before you take too many opinions in your own mind, you find out what the story is and what's going to be the future of it."

Much was also made of the fact that Berry was listed at 5-8 in his arrest report, though Ohio State lists the incoming recruit at 5-11. While it's true that height numbers are routinely inflated during both recruiting and college ball, it's worth pointing out that Berry's height (and weight) information may have came from his (two year-old) driver's license and he's grown the two to three inches since then. At any rate, look to the NFL combine in three to five years before we get a true indicator of his size.

It's still uknown whether defensive back Devon Torrence will play minor league ball again this summer or stay in Columbus and work out with the team. In the above linked Gordon piece (props for being able to focus on something other than Berry right now), he has Tressel down as pretty much encouraging Torrence to do whatever is right for himself. Which is, the complete opposite of what my selfish-ass would do in the same situation. But that's why JT is trusted with the lives of young men and I am not.

A record 8,162 graduates received their diplomas at Ohio State's 388th commencement yesterday. Real, non-gridiron hero John Glenn gave the address, and Malcolm Jenkins must have had an early peak at his speech calling for dedication in the face of risk as he pulled an all-nighter studying last week before taking his final exam and boarding a plane to New Orleans for workouts with the Saints.

The proliferation of spread-like offenses means the Buckeyes have been working more nickel or star looks over the last couple of seasons and Duane Long offers up what an Ohio State 3-3-5 might look like. If you like seeing Hines and Moeller on the field at the same time, it will be music to your ears eyes.

There are more rumblings out of Gainesville concerning the migration of the Gators away from Urban's spread to a more pro-style offense. Tebow's backup is suited for it as are incoming recruits who might be scared away from all of the talk about Tebow becoming a fullback at the next level. While most of that talk is in fun and I believe he will be able to play quarterback in the NFL, there's no question as to whether you attend USC or Florida if you're a top pro-style quarterback with plans of making it past college with your game.