Your Madness Open Thread

By Jason Priestas on March 19, 2009 at 12:00 pm

Shortly after 12:20PM today, LSU and Butler will tip off in an 8/9 game that heralds the start of one of the best events in all of sport.

It's certainly not perfect. There will always be beefs about teams and conferences getting snubbed, the commercialization is a little over the top and that annual survey about lost workplace productivity is tiring and nothing more than a guess. Still, we love it and it's all the better when your team is in the field.

A sampling of the many reasons to tune in today:

  • Will the Tar Heels hang a hundy on Radford?
  • Can the Gophers spring the upset on Texas?
  • Will Clemson do the world justice and lay a beat-down on Michigan?
  • Does Akron spring the start of the Ohio school upset streak by taking down Gonzaga?

If the answers to the above turn out: meh, yes, yes, and yes, I know my weekend will be off to a good start.

Now, while some of you are fortunate enough to be able to watch the games as God intended (on a plasma with sodas and some snacks) those stuck at work aren't completely out of luck. The NCAA and CBS are making it easier and easier to catch the games online. This includes airing every game online and in HD and the handy widget you see to the right.

And if your network is blocking the games -- or worse yet, you're on the road, you could always spring for the iPhone app.