There are Power Programs and Then There is Deebo

By Jason Priestas on March 17, 2009 at 2:00 pm
You got knocked the...Oooooh!

After having plucked Duron Carter out of Florida's St. Thomas Aquinas, the Buckeyes are looking to add another Raider to the class of 2010. Newly minted five-star corner Lamarcus Joyner, regarded as one of the nation's top defensive backs, currently has the Buckeyes in his five -- even going so far as to proclaim Ohio State his leader at this point in time.

But then Deebo arrived on the scene.

Late last week, Joyner received an offer from USC and in his own words:

“This one, they came like Deebo and they just came and knocked it out. That’s USC. How can you not consider them? I thought I had a top five all figured out and they came and knocked Tennessee to the curb."

Probably not what Lane Kiffin wanted to hear, but getting Bryce Brown surely takes some of that sting away. The good news is that Joyner still has OSU at the top of his list with the Trojans checking in fourth, but it's chain-hiding time.