Pick Teams, Talk Smack, Repeat

By Jason Priestas on March 16, 2009 at 2:00 pm

The 11W Tournament Challenge is up and the killer entry names are going quick. It's your yearly chance to prove that you are a better guesser than the other 34 people that read this blog and that, my friend, is good for enough swag to last a lifetime.

We're still trying to decide what to hand out to the winner as the 11W stash took a hit recently when Ryan Mallet snaked all of our Maker's. We should have something on that front figured out by the opening tip on Thursday.

In the meantime, head over and put forth your best entry with the Buckeyes going all the way to the Elite Eight. We kid. Kind of.

The relevant bits:

Group Name: Eleven Warriors
Password: outofhound