Your Christmas in February Open Thread

By Jason Priestas on February 4, 2009 at 8:00 am

At seven tomorrow morning, hundreds of young men will be faxing their intention to play football for schools that have courted them for their ability to play God's game, football, for years. Barring any further encroachments from a certain snake oil-peddling gentleman, 26 25 of them will become Buckeyes.


The class is broad and talented (Rivals has them at #1, albeit pre-Justin Green defection). And though it's an inexact science, the numbers in aggregate are meaningful. When you consider that the class signed last year was equally as good (if not better), the Buckeyes may not win every game in next few years, but they will certainly have the talent to do so.

Marlon Brown, who will announce at 3:45pm on ESPNU, is still sitting out there as a wildcard. Getting the 6-5 receiver would be nice (did he get the memo that there are some openings in town?), but word is he's heading to Georgia.

At 4:00pm, Bucknuts will be broadcasting Tressel's press conference -- his first public remarks on the class and though you can sometimes catch a glimmer of who he's really excited about, he'll spread the love enough to have us thinking the entire crew is filled with five-stars.

Until then, feel free to loiter here and post links, make fart jokes and whatnot. Cursing the name of Justin Green is also encouraged.

UPDATE: Marlon Brown a Buckeye? Nope. He's heading to UGA.