Our Shameless Appeal...

By Jason Priestas on February 26, 2009 at 3:00 pm

... for your hard-earned, recession-weary dollars comes at you in the form of two new t-shirts at the 11W shop.

The first is a no-brainer for St. Patrick's day, just a few weeks away. If you're single, I can think of no better battle armor to where into that night. If you're married, a pair of them might just get you lucky.

The second shirt shines a light on our highest moment of cohesiveness and quality writing (background here). Sorry for the delay in getting this one out, but we wanted to do it just right.

Kiss Me, I'm a Buckeye 11W -- Out of Hound Since 2008

And remember, for every shirt you buy, PJ Hill drains a three.