Shuffles on the Offensive Line, Hoping for Something

By Jason Priestas on October 14, 2008 at 7:00 am
Mark May tried to watch the Buckeye offense Saturday

The depth chart is out for the Michigan State game and though there's significant difference from last week, I'm not sure how much of that will come into play. (Quick aside -- does anyone know what the bold and caps signify on the official depth chart? Dan Brown even gave up trying to figure it out.)

The offensive line sees Cordle and Person flipping sides, Cordle at right guard next to Browning and Person at left guard next to Boone. Rehring is still listed as Person's backup, and he moves with him from right guard to left, but based on what we saw against Purdue, Rehring could figure to see snaps at either guard spot or right tackle again. It's clear that the staff is trying to shake some things up, but with both Adams and Shugarts injured, their options are somewhat limited. At this point in time, I'd settle for seeing Kerr, Moses, Smith and Blankenship getting shots. Anything to get something going.

Nicol is back listed at tight end behind Ballard, but we'll probably find out more at Tressel's presser tomorrow about how ready he is to see the field again this week. Same with Boom. He's back in the #2 spot at running back after recovering from a concussion at Wisconsin.

Sanzenbacher is in as the 3rd wide receiver behind Hartline and Small, while Posey is listed as Robiskie's backup. Before getting hurt, Dane was listed as the #2 behind Robo and if previous games are any indication, that's the 3rd wide receiver on to the field in this offense, so we may be seeing Posey passing Sanzenbacher up in the pecking order.

Some of us wondered if there would be a change at kicker, but Pretorius is still listed ahead of Pettrey. I want to give the staff the benefit of the doubt on this one, but considering Thaddeus Gibson's long wait to play and the damage he has done since entering the lineup, I'm not so convinced they're on top of their game right now in regards to talent evaluation.

Cursed Lawrence Wilson was scheduled to have an MRI on Monday and his status will probably be clarified in the press conference, but the early word is that he tore his ACL. I can't even begin to express how sad I am for Wilson -- a good player that by all accounts works hard and does all of the things he's supposed to, he can't catch a break on the field. For now, he's still penciled-in as a starter at end, but assuming the ACL rumor is true, Rose would probably get the start in his place with a healthy dose of Curtis Terry and Nathan Williams providing depth. Or do you move Heyward back over?

Finally, Flash Thomas makes his first-ever appearance on an official depth chart as the 3rd man on kickoff returns. He wasn't listed at all last week, but it was Thomas and Rasta that were back for each of the two Purdue kickoffs Saturday. I liked the 36-yarder he had to start the game. I also like the fact that he's got the best young swag since Henton declared that he'd be the next Heisman winner at Ohio State.

ESPN's Bruce Feldman lists the Gophers' defense as the 2nd biggest turnaround of the 2008 season so far (behind Colt McCoy). Minnesota fans have to be ecstatic with their 6-1 start and the Buckeye win of a few weeks ago looks better and better with each passing week. Interesting how he mentioned Minnesota employed some 3-4 to slow down Juice and the Illini last weekend. Wonder if the Ohio State staff will pick up on that -- it could be killer in certain situations with the depth at linebacker in Columbus. Just imagine Laurinaitis, Homan, Freeman and Sabino lining up...