Hitting Rewind: Offense vs. Purdue

By Jason Priestas on October 13, 2008 at 2:00 pm

I think we've settled on a name for this feature and while I'd like to still pay homage to Brian @ MGoBlog for pioneering the blog film study concept, sharing the same name was making my stomach hurt.

Though the offensive performance against Purdue was enough to put anyone to sleep, if you want to relive any of it, here it is in all of its glory. Two things really stood out to me: the number of times the offense lined up in an unbalanced set and the fact that this team pretty much cannot run the option to the right side of the field when Rehring is in the game.

I think I can only recall seeing Saine in on one play and with Flash and Rasta returning kicks, you have to wonder if the hamstring is still getting to him or if there's something else entirely.

If you're looking to cure insomnia, read on.

14:43 - 12:53 1st Quarter, Punt
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OSU-36 1/10 I-Form Run Wells 1
Pitch right to the strong side of the line (but the short side of the field) and the ROLB comes from across the field to make the stop on Beanie at the line of scrimmage. The linebacker, Heygood, was Boone's guy, but he got a great read and Boone didn't even have time to get to him. Browning did a great job of moving his man to the sideline (+1). Nice block out of Person as well (+.5).
OSU-37 2/9 Pistol Loaded: Twins Pass Robiskie 8
Throwing out of the pistol, the line does a pretty good job of protecting -- but then again, Ballard and Beanie were kept in to block, so they should win the 7 on 4s. Purdue is playing zone and Robo makes a nice catch on an out pattern (+.5). Pryor shuffles his feet when throwing, but the ball had good touch and velocity (+.5).
OSU-45 3/1 Goal Line Penalty Person -5
The Buckeyes come in with a goal line set featuring Smith, Lukens, Ballard and Andrew Miller in a #83 jersey (??) in to block for Beanie before Person's false start penalty negates a promising play (-1.5). Should seniors still be getting whistled for false starts?
OSU-39 3/6 Shotgun: Three Wide Pass Wells 0
Purdue takes advantage of the penalty to get their dime unit on to the field and the safety makes a good break on a screen pass to Beanie. Brewster had a little bit of trouble getting out to his guy and didn't get a hand on his guy (-.5) or the play could have gone for big yardage. Pryor needs to put a little more zip on that ball (-.5).
Drive Notes: The Buckeyes were unable to take advantage of Flash's long return when they shot themselves in the foot the first time they ran into a third down. I think if you go back and look at the first seven games, there have probably been close to a dozen drives that were killed by mindless penalties on the offensive line.
Miller is listed at #55, but saw snaps in unbalanced lineups
8:51 - 6:29 1st Quarter, Punt
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OSU-18 1/10 Shotgun: Three Wide Run Pryor 21
Rehring checks into the game at right guard. Pryor fakes a handoff to Beanie and keeps the ball around the right end. Browning moves Heygood to the other side of the field (+1), while Brewster whiffs and doesn't block anybody (-1). Pryor makes a nice cut and then gets extra yards at the end of the run from running through one tackler and stiff-arming another (+1).
OSU-39 1/10 Shotgun: Three Wide Pass Posey 23
Safety Dwight Mclean comes untouched off of the edge, but Pryor fakes him out of his shoes, buying time before looking up field and finding Posey crossing (+1) for a another first down. Good zip on a throw against his body.
OPP-38 1/10 Shotgun: Bunched TE Run Wells 4
Rehring is in at right guard and proceeds to not tackle anyone on the play (-1) run right behind him. Beanie still finds a decent hole thanks to a nice block from Brewster (+.5) and he gets four tough yards.
OPP-34 2/6 Shotgun: Bunched TE Run Pryor -2
This is an option play, but Rehring is pushed five yards into the backfield by Heygood (-1). At this point, Pryor has to make something out of nothing and is dropped backside for a loss. Browning did his best to match Rehring, getting blown back four yards himself (-1).
OPP-36 3/8 Shotgun: Four Wide Pass Posey INC
Pryor got decent protection, but hurried the throw a little, missing Posey (-.5).
OPP-36 4/8 Field Goal Penalty Bench -5
Ah, that sweet, sweet fake that was killed by a delay of game, but still tipped off to Purdue and effectively killed for the season. A.J. Trapasso is angry.
Drive Notes: Two big plays to start the drive and move it into to Purdue territory amount to nothing as some blocking breakdowns (see the Rehring Effect in the photo below) and an errant throw kill the drive. I liked going for the fake at the end of it, but that play has to get in sooner.
5:02 - :57 1st Quarter, Field Goal
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OSU-37 1/10 I-Form: Twins Run Wells 16
With Rehring now in at right tackle and Cordle in at right guard, the Buckeyes run Beanie left for good yardage. Boone gets a great block (+.5) and Smith ate up Heygood with the lead (+1). From there, Wells bounced it to the outside and stiff-armed Mclean (+1) to get an additional five yards on the play. Tressel gets a little animated because Purdue corner Torri Williams goes for Beanie's feet out of bounds. It's only not a penalty because the referees have grown to have sympathy on DBs in Beanie's presence.
OPP-47 1/10 Pistol Loaded: Three Wide Run Wells 6
Rasta is the upback with Beanie deep and Beanie takes the handoff to the left side again for six. Decent all-around blocking out of the line, but if Brewster could have held his block a half second longer, Beanie was off.
OPP-41 2/4 I-Form Run Wells 19
Purdue stacks the left side of their line and the Buckeyes chose the correctly, running Beanie behind Boone and Cordle for the third straight play. Good blocking all around, but particularly from Brewster, who got a pancake on the play (+1.5). Williams saved a sure touchdown with a nice open field tackle.
OPP-18 1/10 I-Form: Twins Run Mo Wells 0
Wells is the deep back with Smith in front of him. Purdue is lined up in the gaps and Neal gets across before Boone can make a block on him, stopping the play at the line.
OPP-18 2/10 Single Back: Bunch Penalty Purdue 12
Flash comes in motion and gets the handoff, but is tackled in the backfield thanks to encroachment and subsequent facemask on the defense. The encroachment is declined and the facemask is effectively worth 12 yards from the original line of scrimmage.
OPP-9 1/G Shotgun: Three Wide Run Wells 1
Ohio State comes out in an unbalanced line with Rehring and Boone lined up to the right. Both are knocked back into the backfield on the snap (-.5) and Beanie was lucky to spin back to the line.
OPP-9 2/G Shotgun: Three Wide Run Pryor 2
Ohio State shows the unbalanced line again with Boone out as the extra right tackle, but Rehring is again punched back into the backfield on a called option to the right (-1). Pryor has to tuck the ball and head inside.
OPP-7 3/G Single Back: Three Wide Pass Posey INC
Posey gets the inside, but Pryor misses him on the slant, throwing a tad behind him (-.5). Ed Cunningham astutely points out Pryor's double set before firing the ball.
Drive Notes: Beanie got the drive going with three straight runs to the left side of the line. After a facemask penalty put the Buckeyes inside Purdue's 10, the drive stalled like so many other red zone attempts this season. The staff really wants to run that option, and it should be money for this team, but the right side of the line is doing their best to ensure it's not effective. Pretorius comes in and hits a 24-yard field goal to put Ohio State up 10-0 with under a minute remaining in the first quarter.
14:54 - 13:02 2nd Quarter, Missed Field Goal
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OPP-29 1/10 I-Form Run Mo Wells 3
Person is in at right guard with Browning back at right tackle. Brewster and Cordle get good blocks (+.5), but Person pulls and doesn't hit anyone (-.5). Purdue plays it well and there's not much of a hole for Rasta.
OPP-26 2/7 Shotgun: Four Wide Run Mo Wells 0
Inside draw to Rasta, but Brewster's man makes the stop for no gain (-1) off a nifty spin move. Boone does a nice job driving the end out of the play (+.5).
OPP-26 3/7 Shotgun: Three Wide Run Pryor 5
Purdue only came with four off of stunts and Pryor had plenty of time (at least four seconds in the pocket) before he tucked the ball for a gain of five on the left side. Hartline was open for a second up the sideline and Posey was open underneath late on the play.
Drive Notes: The Buckeyes got the ball to start in excellent territory, thanks to Jenkins' pick. After two runs out of Rasta, Pryor couldn't find anyone open on 3rd and 7 and the team had to settle on a 38-yard field goal attempt. Which Pretorius promptly shanked left. This drive neatly sums up the Buckeyes' offense for the day.
9:35 - 4:54 2nd Quarter, Field Goal
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OSU-45 1/10 I-Form Run Wells 6
Smith gets his guy in the hole and Cordle (+1) and Boone (+.5) gets really good blocks as Beanie takes the ball over midfield.
OPP-49 2/4 I-Form Pass Ballard 7
Play-action time with Pryor rolling right and finding a wide open Ballard for the first down. He did a good enough job selling the run (+.5) to bring the defender off of Ballard and make the play possible.
OPP-42 1/10 Pistol Loaded: Three Wide Run Wells 4
Saine lines up to Pryor's left with Beanie behind him. The handoff goes to Beanie over the left side for a short gain. Decent blocking out of the entire line, but nothing extraordinary. This was a good play out of Purdue's defense.
OPP-38 2/6 I-Form: Twins Run Wells 1
Beanie to the left this time for a short gain. Mclean came up from safety and made the play at the line of scrimmage. The run was away from his side, but Rehring racked up another play where he didn't block anyone (-1).
OPP-37 3/5 Shotgun: Three Wide Pass Robiskie 11
Good protection out of the line and Pryor finds Robo sitting in the zone to move the chains. The ball was thrown before Robiskie came out of his cut and was inserted between two defenders (+1) in one of Pryor's better throws to this point.
OPP-26 1/10 Pistol Loaded: Twins Run Wells -2
This is the same play that went for six against Wisconsin, but Purdue's Brandon King makes a heck of an open-field tackle coming up from the corner.
OPP-28 2/12 Shotgun: Three Wide Run Pryor -4
Yet another unbalanced line with Ballard lined up as a receiver-eligible left tackle and Rehring, Mike Adams and Browning making up the right side of the line (Boone not in the game at all). Pryor has some time on the rollout, but doesn't find anyone open again and is caught from behind by the backside defensive end on pursuit (-.5). Adams hopped with a limp and appeared to injure his ankle on the play.
OPP-32 3/16 Shotgun: Three Wide Pass Hartline INC
Good pass protection and Pryor gets the ball to Hartline with some zip, but he drops it (-1). I'm not a huge fan of throwing six yard hitches on 3rd and 16, but JT was clearly thinking about how awesome it would be to get closer for another field goal try.
Drive Notes: Rehring was back in at right guard with Browning in at tackle for the majority of the drive, but the staff continued to show a lot of unbalanced looks including that interesting set without plus Adams, minus Boone. A typical Buckeye drive: signs of life and then a mistake or two to kill it all. Clutch 49-yarder out of Pettrey at least.
Hartline reflects on his drop
3:11 - 1:05 2nd Quarter, Punt
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OSU-24 1/10 Shotgun: Three Wide Pass Mo Wells 18
Boone gets beat outside by his guy (-.5) and it forces a hurried throw out of Pryor to Rasta. Since the screen is what Mo Wells was put on Earth to execute, he picks up a nice first down with a couple of cuts (+1). He got a nice downfield block out of Brewster (+.5).
OSU-42 1/10 Shotgun: Three Wide Run Mo Wells 3
Inside draw to Rasta for a short gain. There was a gaping hole for a minute, thanks to good blocks out of Brewster (+.5) and Person (+.5), but it closed quick.
OSU-45 2/7 Shotgun: Three Wide Run Pryor -10
Unbalanced with Cordle, Boone and Rehring all lined up left. Pryor drops to throw, but he's dropped for a loss (-1) on the play, partly because he rolled right to where Rehring had kicked the end out.
OSU-35 3/17 Shotgun: Four Wide Run Pryor 0
Another called pass, but Kerrigan blows past Rehring (-1) on the right edge so quickly that Pryor is unable to even set his feet before being sacked.
Drive Notes: The staff continues to shuffle the line with Rehring back in at right tackle and Person lined up next to him at guard and then midway through the drive, moves Rehring to left tackle before finally putting him back on the right side where he gave up the third down sack.
Rehring cheers on the defensive end
10:58 - 5:50 3rd Quarter, Punt
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OSU-19 1/10 I-Form Run Wells 0
Pitch right to Beanie, but Heygood and Kerrigan do a great job of standing up the Buckeye offensive line and making the stop for no gain.
OSU-19 2/10 Single Back: Three Wide Run Wells 4
Decent blocking up front and a small hole at first, but Purdue again does a good job of closing things up.
OSU-23 3/6 Shotgun: Four Wide Penalty Purdue 5
Defensive offsides sets up a 3rd and one. Pryor will learn to try to go deep on these freebies as he only musters an incomplete pass to Beanie in the flat.
OSU-28 3/1 Goal Line Run Wells 6
Good blocks out of Person (+.5) and Lukens (+1) allow Beanie to pick up five yards and move the chains. Bonus points (+.5) to Wells for carrying two guys for additional yardage.
OSU-34 1/10 I-Form Run Wells 12
Heygood comes up and throws Smith to the ground (-.5) but Beanie proceeds to stiff-arm him, spins away from Mclean, stiff-arms Gerald Gooden, jukes Carlino and then bowls over cornerback Pender to pick up 12 and a first down (+2).
OSU-46 1/10 I-Form: Twins Pass Robiskie INC
Pryor gets good time and sets his feet, but overthrows (-.5) an open Robo, who had a step or two on his man (+.5).
OSU-46 2/10 I-Form Run Pryor 9
More good blocking on a called pass -- Boone (+1) and Brewster (+1) both recorded pancakes on the play. After not seeing anyone open, Pryor tucked the ball and ran towards the left sideline.
OPP-45 3/1 Goal Line Run Pryor 1
I'm guessing on the formation here, because we were getting Wisconsin highlights when the play went off. Pryor on a sneak to pick up the first down.
OPP-44 1/10 I-Form Run Wells 0
Smith met him in the hole, but Heygood got enough of a push to tangle Smith's feet up with Beanie's and Wells went down for no gain. Boone was working Kerrigan enough (+.5) that if Beanie had not tripped up, he had some daylight.
OPP-44 2/10 Shotgun: Four Wide Run Wells -2
Kerrigan tosses Boone (-1) and brings down Beanie for a loss. Wells appears to tweak his foot again on the tackle (horse-collar... cough...) and subsequent late hit that wasn't called.
OPP-46 3/12 Shotgun: Four Wide Pass Posey 6
Pryor completes a slant underneath to Posey, but it's way short of the marker.
Drive Notes: Another promising drive that just kind of stalled after crossing midield, really. It did eat up a lot of time and Trapasso's punt was downed inside the Purdue five, but the Buckeyes are leaving a lot of potential points off the board.
4:10 3rd Quarter - 14:30 4th Quarter, Field Goal
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OPP-39 1/10 Shotgun: Bunched TE Run Hartline 5
Good pocket protection (seven in on protection) as Pryor hits Hartline as his second progression.
OPP-34 2/5 I-Form: Offset Run Wells 8
Beanie gets the ball to the left side and picks up the first down behind a sweet block from Smith on Heygood (+1). Rehring also had a nice block, pancaking his guy (+1.5).
OPP-26 1/10 Single Back: Four Wide Run Pryor 0
Fake draw to Beanie and a Pryor keeper around the right side results in no gain when Holland comes off Ballard's attempt at a block (-1) to make the stop.
OPP-26 2/10 I-Form: Offset Run Wells 1
Beanie is met at the line, but the blocking wasn't all that bad. Give this one to Purdue's defense. Wells being Wells, didn't go down on first contact and spun to keep the play positive (+.5).
OPP-25 3/9 Shotgun: Three Wide Pass Thomas 16
Nice screen call to Flash as he moves the chain by way of some nice running and nifty blocking (+1). Boone (+.5) and Hartline (+1) in particular made great blocks to spring the play.
OPP-8 1/G I-Form: Twins Run Mo Wells -1
Pitch left to Rasta and is met behind the line by Barker after he slid off of Rehring's block (-.5). Boone did a nice job of sealing off his side (+.5).
OPP-9 2/G Shotgun: Four Wide Run Pryor -3
The call is another option right with Pryor and Rasta, but yet again, Rehring's guy (in this case Mike Neal) gets so much penetration (-1.5) that the option is aborted and Pryor has to take it inside where's promptly swarmed by the Purdue defense.
OSU-12 3/G Shotgun: Four Wide Run Pryor 7
The Boilermakers only rush four and Pryor has plenty of time to look around, but once again can't find the open receiver (Flash, for one, was open on a bubble). He tucks the ball and runs but is stopped at the five.
Drive Notes: It's pretty hard to start at your opponent's 39, put together an eight play drive and get held to only three points, but the offense misfired in the red zone yet again and the Buckeyes had to settle for a 22-yard Pretorius field goal to make it 16-3.
Pancake Heaven
9:47 - 7:32 4th Quarter, Punt
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OSU-32 1/10 I-Form Run Wells 2
Not much of a hole here, but nobody getting burned on their blocks either. Just good Purdue run defense.
OSU-34 2/8 Shotgun: Four Wide Run Wells 3
Option to the right and for once, the play isn't blown up in the backfield. Pryor hesitated and ended up throwing another forward option pass (-.5) -- a technique he's pioneering.
OSU-37 3/5 Shotgun: Three Wide Run Pryor 3
Once again Pryor drops back to pass and has a full couple of seconds to find a receiver, but is unable to do so. After evading a guy in the pocket, he takes off towards the left sideline and comes up just short of the first down.
Drive Notes: A very meh kind of three-and-out. Trapasso did get off another bomb, pinning a fair catch inside the 20, at least.
5:14 - 2:24 4th Quarter, Punt
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OSU-23 1/10 I-Form: Offset Run Wells 0
Carlino beats Brewster (-.5) and the rest of the Purdue defense do a good job of stuffing this one near the line of scrimmage. Pretty sure the only reason Beanie is in the game right now is for a chance at 100, despite what Tress said postgame.
OSU-23 2/10 I-Form Penalty Purdue 15
Play-action out of the I and Robo has two steps on his guy deep. Pryor underthrows the ball a little (-.5) and Robiskie is interfered with while waiting for the ball.
OSU-38 1/10 Single Back: Bunch Run Wells 3
Person misses Carlino (-.5) on his pull, but Beanie is able to sidestep him and get a few yards on the play.
OSU-41 2/7 Single Back: Three Wide Run Wells 1
Draw to Beanie and he has a hole, but he trips on the line of scrimmage (-.5). Had he stayed on his feet, he would have had 15+, easy.
OSU-42 3/6 Shotgun: Four Wide Run Pryor 1
Decent protection on a called pass, but Pryor starts to feel the heat and takes off running. He gets about one yard before deciding to try to run into Heygood at the end of the play.
Drive Notes: Cannot. Take. Much. More. Of. This.
Who wears blue into the Shoe? And white pants after Labor Day?

The Final Tally

  1. Beanie: +4.0
  2. Boone: +2.0
  3. Robiskie: +2.0
  4. Brewster: +1.5
  5. Cordle: +1.5
  6. Browning: +1.0
  7. Flash: +1.0
  8. Lukens: +1.0
  9. Rasta: +1.0
  10. Smith: +1.0
  11. Hartline: 0.0
  12. Pryor: -0.5
  13. Ballard: -1.0
  14. Person: -1.0
  15. Rehring: -6.0

One of those numbers just kind of really jumps out at you, doesn't it? What I wouldn't give for a reporter to ask Tressel how Rehring graded out when they meet with him on Tuesday...