11W Chicagofest Call to Arms

By Jason Priestas on October 14, 2008 at 4:00 pm
11W Chicagofest: 11/07/08 @ Casey Moran's

Road games at Northwestern have become increasingly popular in recent years, partly because the students are so generous at giving up their seats and partly because Chicago is a fun and easy trip from Columbus. Two years ago, I was amazed at the number of Buckeye fans I saw about town. Downtown on Friday, turning the Red Line scarlet on Saturday and drinking Evanston out of beer before the game -- ah, the memories.

With the Wildcats rotating off of the schedule after this season (hello Iowa and Indiana!), this is your last chance to experience the city and watch your beloved Buckeyes in an intimate setting -- like high school stadium intimate. Hands-down the most fun of any road destination in the Big Ten.

The game is still three and a half weeks off, but we wanted to get this out there for those of you that do plan on making the trip (or any of you that live in Chicagoland): Friday, November 7th, we will be having a party of sorts at Casey Moran's in Wrigleyville. Along with McGee's, Moran's is one of bigger Buckeye bars in town, but Moran's has the added luxury of a) being closer to Evanston and b) sitting across the street from third base at Wrigley Field. So there's the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone if you're coming in from out of town and you need to get your tourism-on. For those traveling from downtown, the bar (and Ryan Field for that matter) is but a few blocks from a Red Line stop (Addison), so it's pretty easy to get to.

We'll have more details soon, but hopefully some of you will be making the trip up and will stop by and enjoy some of the local color with us the night before the game. Besides, we know you've dying to meet the debonair cats that run this site.