eBay's Buckeye Treasures: King Woody

By Chris Lauderback on August 14, 2008 at 2:00 pm

To help keep you one step ahead of your Buckeye brethren when it comes to sporting the finest in Buckeye memorabilia, we're going to take a weekly dive into eBay to see what gems we can unearth.

In the interest of disclosure, we're biting this idea from the talented author of mvictors.com. One difference is that he's posted a few Buckeye items including this impressive letter to a man and his grandson written by one Wayne Woodrow Hayes whereas we have no intention of posting anything pro-Go-Blow.

Keeping with the Woody theme, this poster features a sweet caricature of the man himself complete with a king's crown.

This beauty will only be available for bidding through Friday afternoon so stake your claim before it's too late. A word of caution, you might have to outbid the balance of the 11W bank account, aka $23.60, because I've got my eyes on this puppy.

How 'bout that robe complete with Buckeye leaves? Somebody out there needs to mass produce a similar model so I can wear it every casual Friday during the season. Priceless.