Dog Mode Approves

By Jason Priestas on August 1, 2008 at 7:00 am

Bet you didn't think we could tie Ohio State into two photos related to women or garments worn by women on the same day. The first one is a little old, but hey, Greg Oden is in it. He's pictured above with Kevin Durant at the (2007) ESPYs and the two are fixed on the booty of Camilla Belle.

You can maybe make a case that Oden is actually peeping the ESPY hardware. If you look closely, he does appear to be peering right and away from Belle, but we can't bring ourselves to believe that. Besides, the facial expression is clearly displaying the affirmative answer to his mental question of, whether given the opportunity, he would in fact hit it. Durant is unquestionably all-in.

The second photo features a future Buckeye opponent, proud enough in his own sexuality and big enough to kick your ass for laughing at him.

Here's a hint: he will be going head-to-head with Beanie in a game that might mean a little something. Click the photo to find out who the thong-rocking future NFL first-round draft pick is.


Laurinaitis likes Florida, Beanie looks for Robo on the goal line and Ray Small decking Ray Small. Those are just a few of the funny scenarios to come out of the first ever Buckeye Uplifting Athletes charity event held at Eddie George's Grille 27 Wednesday night.

Donald Washington ended up mercy-ruling Kyle Mitchum for the championship (34-0) after getting past Wells in an all-Ohio State matchup in the semis of the players video game tournament.

The LA Times has a feature up exploring the futures of Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno. Bowden is atop the all-time victory list over Paterno by a single victory and it's pointed out that the guy that has a better season in 2008 may finish on top as speculation mounts as to whether this is the final season for both.

If Joe Pa is unable to catch Bowden on the career leaderboard, he can always fall back on his 7-1 mark head-to-head against him.

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