By Chris Lauderback on July 13, 2008 at 4:35 pm

Thankfully, it won't be long before July turns to August and preseason camp opens for the Buckeyes. I have a feeling you, too, are aching for some actual on-field news, happenings and speculation. I'm damn near sporting a choad picturing Tressel, the media etc. giving us those little nuggets like which newcomers are turning heads, who made the most of the off-season, how Pryor is throwing the football and how Tressel plans to use him this fall. Ahh. Glorious.

While waiting for those days, there were at least a few happenings this past week that are worth a mention.

Well, those are seven words I never contemplated typing. In the best news of the off-season, 11W's all-time favorite player has signed a $110k contract to play with Euro League Amsterdam. Insert pot/hooker comment here.

Butler to Italy
After a pulled hammy ended the already slim chances Jamar Butler had of making an NBA team as a free agent, Butler has signed a contract to play in the A1 Italian league for Pepsi Caserta. The one year deal has a base salary of $150-200k.

Devoe Torrence Off the Hook
In a one day trial held last Wednesday, former Buckeye recruit Devoe Torrence was acquitted of sexual misconduct after being accused of doin' the dirty with a 6th grader last November. As we discussed in February, the accusations cost Torrence a scholarship offer from OSU.

He had his day in court so I'll defer to the judge but I find it pretty hard to believe he wasn't, at minimum, at least partially involved in these sexcapades with kids so I'll just say I'm glad we don't have to worry about him living in Columbus for the next four years. 6th graders?...

Pre-Season Award Hype
In news closer to the field, numerous Buckeyes are popping up on watch lists for the various national awards.

Playboy party veteran Malcolm Jenkins was recently placed on the Thorpe Award watch list and hopes to become the second Buckeye to claim the trophy (Antoine '98).

The Maxwell Award also has a lengthy watch list that includes Beanie Wells, Todd Boeckman and Brian Robiskie. After 2006, I think this is the most meaningless of all the annual CFB awards. I mean, how can you give this one any credence after Brady Quinn was named the 2006 winner over Troy Smith? That's not Buckeye bias - it's just a fact that Smith was a far superior college QB that season. Count Frank Irizzary as someone who agrees. Even with the 2006 robbery, Ohio State players have claimed four Maxwell's over the years - all were running backs. Beanie's obviously got a great shot to make it five.