An Annual Tradition

By Jason Priestas on July 14, 2008 at 2:00 pm

In what has become an annual tradition, Ohio State alumni are once again angry at the allocation of tickets for the upcoming season. Despite the alumni association being provided with more tickets than last season (86,000 up from 79,000), older grads are feeling the pinch as seniority no longer counts in the lottery.

Now, the 2006 graduate has just as good of odds at scoring tickets as the 1980 graduate that has held seats for the past 20+ years. While I can certainly feel for the older alumni, I can't hep but wonder if this will turn out to be a good move in the long run.

Granted, the Shoe is miles away from the funeral wake held every Saturday in the fall in the Big House, but I'm sure each of us has our own "down in front" story to share from games past. Although the intent of this new lottery was to be more fair, the end result will be a younger crowd and younger crowds = a tougher road venue.

Unfortunately for the grads stuck on the outside looking in, getting seats on the open market won't come cheap.

Headed to Chicago: Boeckman, Laurinaitis and Jenkins will accompany the Vest to the Big Ten football media event in Chicago later this month. So there are three of the captains. Will there be a fourth and if so, who?