Terrelle Pryor Enters Buckeye Replicant Program

By Jason Priestas on June 16, 2008 at 3:45 pm
The-Ozone photo

The-Ozone shares a somewhat creepy story about Terrelle Pryor getting rigged up for some motion caption video at the new Ohio State Sports Medicine Center.

Using a technology inspired from video game production, Pryor had "anatomical landmarks" attached to his body and was then filmed executing various movements and motions.

The motions are recorded, but the only images recorded are those of the markers which are strategically placed on joints such as the ankle, hip, pelvis, knee, etc. The motion of the markers as the athlete executes the movements is then analyzed to determine just how an athlete moves.


The goal is to try to determine if an incoming athlete has any sort of biomechanical weakness and then address that weakness with a customized strength and conditioning routine in the hopes of preventing injury.

I'm all for preventing injuries, but this is probably the last photograph of Pryor like this that I need to see.