More Hoops Nugs: Oden Will Be Your Mentor Edition

By Corey Carpenter on May 8, 2008 at 7:01 am
Could Oden change Kosta and create a Blazin' dynasty?

There is no question Buckeye Nation felt Kosta Koufos should have stayed another year. Dreams of twin towers have danced in our heads for two years now and Kosta would have fit perfectly at the four spot, while B.J. Mullins could control the inside next year. We all know Kosta is selfish for not fulfilling our dreams and pursuing his, but it looks as if he may have made the right decision.

There are a couple of draft lists that have Koufos ranked within the top 16 prospects and Draft Express has Kosta listed as the 13th pick in their mock draft.

Which team has the best chance at pick #13 in this years draft you ask? Well that would be the Portland Trailblazers. What if Buckeye fan, what if? Could our dreams of Buckeye twin towers happen in the NBA? Would all be forgiven if Koufos ends up playing along side McLovin?

In another news, it became official yesterday, as Thad received the signed letters of intent for the two JUCO players he had been pursuing. Jeremie Simmons, a 6'2" guard, originally from Chicago and 6'9" Nikola Kecman, a native of Serbia. Chris profiled Simmons a bit last week and it looks as if Kecman is a prototypical European big man, Koufos Jr. anyone?