It's Official

By Jason Priestas on April 10, 2008 at 2:00 pm
Mizzou runs better than OSU

If there was any doubt after the past two BCS Championships and Rose Bowls, the Big Ten is now officially a slow conference.

At least according to Illini linebacker Martez Wilson. The Tribune caught up with the sophomore linebacker at spring camp and he dropped the following bomb on his conference mates:

"I chose not to redshirt. I told them I'd work hard and get as much playing time as possible. I got a starting spot on special teams as a gunner, and it helped me a lot to adjust to the speed. Some teams were very fast."

Such as the first and last teams the Illini played last season, he said.

"The fastest games I played were Missouri and USC," he said.

Now, I'd prefer a guy with more than 2 tackles against the Buckeyes be the one to evaluate their team speed, but the Illini have scoreboard on us, so what is there to say.

Then again, how fast does a guy need to be when he can stiff-arm you two feet into the turf?

(Via the FanHouse)