Hoops Nugs

By Chris Lauderback on April 10, 2008 at 12:28 am
One and done?

Buckeyes Finish 35th in Final Coaches Poll
Not exactly what I had in mind heading into the season but strides were made down the stretch. The extra games and practice time can only help what will be an even younger squad next fall. Assuming Koufos bolts for the NBA or Greece with Butler, Hunter and Wiggler already history, three starting jobs and four of the top seven spots in the rotation would be up for grabs.

That sets up next year's squad to be even younger than the '08 group as Anthony Crater, William Buford and BJ Mullens enter the fold expecting to see immediate action alongside a slew of soph's in Turner, Lauderdale, Diebler and Wallace.

Somewhat scarily, Lighty will be the elder statesman on the squad. Hill and Madsen will also be juniors but they won't provide any on court leadership from their seats on the sideline. You know Matta's gonna challenge Lighty to polish his game and leadership ability over the summer and I expect Turner to be the #2 in that regard.

OSU: Scholarship Hit Appears Likely
As stated in previous reports, it now appears certain the Basketball Buckeyes will be forced to give up a scholarship for a year due to a below 925 Academic Progress Report (APR) score.

Ohio State created an academic improvement plan and mailed it to the NCAA along with a dozen no-bake cookies and two Asian strippers in hopes the Evil Empire will choose not to invoke a penalty.

Though many will point a finger in Oden's direction for pulling the infamous O'fer 2 (leaving during a term and being ineligle for next season at time of withdrawal) Bob Baptist noted the four year rolling score was also hurt by the early adios' from five players though Conley and Cook are said to not have hurt the APR score since they finished spring quarter before taking their skills to the NBA.

Hopefully, Koufos won't follow in Oden's footsteps with his own O'fer 2.