Dot Com Says Moody Needs to Play

By Jason Priestas on April 14, 2008 at 8:00 pm
Dot Com Done Did it Again

Urban Meyer's boys were the feature attraction Saturday afternoon on ESPN as their spring game was televised live (ESPN has more reach than the BTN, right?), but all is not well in the Gator universe.

Meyer isn't pleased with the performance of USC transfer Emmanuel Moody and would like him to do a better job of taking care of the ball, despite what nefarious internet entities may think:

"He's not very good with ball security, and he won't play tailback at Florida with poor ball security," Meyer said. "He's very talented. You saw some great runs. ... He's got talent but there's no chance you'll see him play regardless of what dot com says and all the e-mails I get and everything else, he will not play football if there's a chance he'll lay it on the ground."

So Dot Coms are calling for Moody to play and the coach isn't having it and we get another classic internet quote out of a college football coach. This isn't as bad as Bobby Bowden blaming people for listening to eBay leading to the dismissal of his son, but we expect more out of such a prolific texter.

(Via Get the Picture)