Brew Crew May Want to Avoid Shoulder Contact

By Jason Priestas on April 7, 2008 at 7:00 am

As we were all out enjoying the first wave of warm weather this past weekend, some bad news hit when it was announced that Mike Adams had sustained a shoulder injury and would require surgery.

Considering fellow Brew Crew mate Michael Brewster is himself recovering from shoulder surgery, the "Crew" isn't exactly off to a hot start. Meanwhile, A.J. Soprano J.B. Shugarts, the third member of the group, is expected to compete with Bryant Browning for the right tackle spot vacated by Barton, so at least they have that going for them.

A lot of Buckeye fans are understandably disappointed as most had visions of Orlando the 2nd dancing in their heads. But the two positives out of this are: (1) the injury appears to be minor and (2) this edition of the team is so deep that they don't need Adams playing a full season to get to where they want to go.

Bollman indicated that had the injury occurred during the regular season, it's likely something a guy plays through, but the timing gave the staff time to get him right, so if he does make it back early enough in the season, he's good. He was also smart enough not to get locked into picking a date when Adams may see the field again.

I expect we'll all know a little more about the situation once August rolls around. Until then, all we can do is debate the merits of rushing him back too soon, redshirts, grayshirts and other vital matters.

Finally, a lot of chatter about Beanie telling some of the beat guys that he was going to be a Buckeye for four years. Gordon's not biting on it -- and neither are we. NFL GMs love guys that run like the love child of Eric Dickerson and Bo Jackson, and last I checked, making a million dollars was a little more fun than sitting through class.

To that end, we're creating the 11W Beanie Wells Challenge™. If you really believe that Wells will be a Buckeye for four years, go ahead and leave your thoughts about it in the comments. The first three that wax poetic about this possibility will get a chance to run this blog for the entire weekend of the 2009 NFL draft.