11W Mix Tape: Saine as Byars Edition?

By Jason Priestas on April 16, 2008 at 8:00 am
11W Mix Tape

But Can He Score without a Shoe?
Sophomore Brandon Saine received praise for his performance in last weekend's jersey scrimmage, but the Vest's assessment of his performance may have topped anything else said.

Tressel pointed out that Saine is adapting to the various wrinkles and schemes the team has been trying to use Saine in, emphasizing his receiving skills. It was his power running, however, that really got Tress going:

"He's got a gear," coach Jim Tressel said. "And he's powerful. ... Sometimes, it's a little like when Keith Byars was here, there'd be people who thought he wasn't going anywhere, and all of a sudden he was running people over. When Brandon sees a crease or sees the goal line or sees some yards to be had, he's pretty special."

Considering Tressel has already been more than candid in his assessment of the performances out of Henton and Bauserman, that quote should be music to the ears of fans. And we know Boom has been doing his thing as well this spring. If the line has the year they're capable of having, we could be in for a season of long runs (culminating with spilled beers and high-fives out of the rest of us).

We Prefer a Simmering Feud
Tressel was asked to clarify his "only between gentlemen" statement over the weekend and as we suspected, it was nothing more than an attempt to be humorous that was blown into something bigger. No hard feelings:

Asked if he had a beef with Rodriguez, Tressel said, "I've known Rich for a long time; no beefs at all. He'll do a good job. I've said that all along."

I guess it was too much to ask for a little OBC in the Ol' Sweater Vest, eh?

For the Eight of You that Get the BTN...
Sure, you'll have to head to the league website to catch the game live, but for fans that are lucky enough to receive the network in their cable/satellite package, the game will be rebroadcast in HD glory on the following days and times:

  • Saturday, 11PM
  • Sunday, 6PM
  • Monday, 4PM & 11PM

As has been pointed out elsewhere, this delayed broadcast schedule is a big F-U to Time Warner customers in the greater Columbus area. How is this network benefiting fans again?

Pelini Exerts Power, Shuts Down Press, Imposes Martial Law
Perhaps high off the news that his first spring game is seeing tickets go for 3 times what the Boss charged, former Buckeye captain and current Nebraska coach Bo Pelini is feeling good enough to take on the student press.


After an editorial was published in The Daily Nebraska that was critical of how he was downplaying recent player troubles, Pelini banned the paper from practice and called to berate the paper's staff:

"After seeing the staff editorial, Pelini called our office and berated one of our board members so loudly that he was heard clearly from across the newsroom. There's no real point in printing the choice phrases he used during that first phone call.

But Pelini informed us the Daily Nebraskan's relationship with the football program would be severed unless an exhaustive retraction was published on today's front page. Athletic Department personnel confirmed Pelini's decision later in the day, and asked that our reporters and photographers not show up at Monday's practice while politely asking the one writer who did to leave."

You do not mess with Youngstown.

Konnichiwa Bitches!
Finally, as we begin to segue into the OSU athletics dead period (no offense, baseball), we may post more random bits, including the following productivity killer: The 50 Greatest Comedy Sketches of All Time.

Send your boss our regards!