Kelvin Sampson May Have Just Burned His 9th Life

By Jason Priestas on February 13, 2008 at 2:32 am
Kelvin Sampson"What happened to my rollover minutes?"

So, Sunday during the Ohio State-Indiana basketball game, some Hoosier fans stopped by and took umbrage with the fact that Corey had called Kelvin Sampson "dirty" in his game preview.

Turns out Corey was right.

Wonder how they're feeling today as news breaks that Indiana basketball is about to get dialed up for "major violations".

Quoteth the WWL:

This new information that helped result in a major violations tag could put the season of Indiana (No. 12 ESPN/USA Today, No. 13 AP) under a cloud of uncertainty and the career of Sampson as well.

I'm not huge into schadenfreude.. actually, what am I saying -- I love it and this joy in the sorrow of others at its finest.

Plus, at the very least, 11W is now covered on the libel front. And that's a good thing because our legal defense fund has been spent towards the annual March Madness Vegas trip we'll be hitting up next month.