Ron Burgundy Meets Gordon Gee

By Jason Priestas on February 8, 2008 at 2:23 am
Gordon Gee, Delirious"Gus, your wife is a bigfoot."

Will Farrell was at the Schott Wednesday night on the 3rd leg of his tour and after coming out to boos wearing a Michigan sweatshirt, he won the crowd over by conducting a Ron Burgundy interview of.. Gordon Gee.

Some higlights:

"Gordon, I forgot how fun you are. What do you say we get a bucket load of Valium and some fried chicken just go to Michigan and start punching people?"

Later, Gee brought it Def Jam style:

RB: Have you ever woken up with a German shepherd licking Gatorade off of your body?
GG: Yes, that's the reason I had to leave the University of Colorado.

There were 12,000 students in attendance and we know one of you captured this on your tricked-out phone. This needs to be on YouTube.

(Thanks to Wolverine -- that's fun to say -- for tipping us off on this one.)

On a less-than-funny note, Keith at Buckeye Commentary has decided to hang 'em up:

Those of you who are long time readers will remember this site nearly stopped existing in August last year. I took a short break, re-prioritized and continued on. It was a great season and the content was as good as ever with the help of the contributing writers. For me personally, however, I'm tapped out. Spent. Tired. This gigantic love of mine has become something I want to release. So, I'm doing just that.

We can't emphasis just how damn good he is. While we bring the fart jokes and gratuitous photos of EA, Keith would consistently put out the sort of stuff that had you wondering why he wasn't on the Dispatch payroll.

If you read this blog or any other blog for that matter, blogs like Buckeye Commentary are to thank because he was doing this when sports blogging wasn't all that fashionable.