By Jason Priestas on February 6, 2008 at 2:00 am
Jerome Bettis

What a difference a few hours make.

As I sat down to write this post, I thought the Buckeyes had an excellent shot at landing both Josh Jenkins and Terrelle Pryor, thus securing a class for the ages. Vince 2.0 and four of the best o-linemen in the nation is a pretty good nucleus to build around.

Then came reports that Jenkins will sign with the Mountaineers (CL shoutout).

Okay, no Jenkins, but the Buckeyes are still the favorite to get Pryor, right? Uh.. maybe not.

Evidently a Buckeye fan sat next to one Jerome Bettis on a flight out of Pittsburgh yesterday. Bettis? Pryor? WTF?:

I just flew back from Pittsburg and guess who sat nect to me on the flight. Jerome Bettis. I sat and talked football with him for about 2 hours. Guess what he told me. Terrell Pryor is going to Michigan. Was never a doubt in his mind after the official visit. This was passed onto him from Charlie Batch who he had just been out with the night prior to his flight with me. As a Buckeye fan I'm crushed, and don't want to believe it. It even took away from the fact that I was sitting next to an NFL future HOF player and talking with him. I can furnish a photo upon request of myself and "The Bus" if needed. I hate when Darth Rodruigez and the evil empire wins.

This whole internet recruiting rumor game is completely bat-shit crazy and we're dealing with kids that change their minds every 21 minutes, but the poster does provide the photo you see above as well as some other relevant details.

Now, Bettis is a Notre Dame guy and any good Irish alum should like nothing better than to mindfsck the Wolverines, but then again, the Bus has a history of spilling secrets.

So, there's that.

Just another rumor. As has been the case for every day of the past month.

In a few hours, we'll know which one of these internet rumors was the truthiest. Or not.