Meet Your New Buckeyes

By Jason Priestas on February 7, 2008 at 12:38 am
Ohio State 2008 Class

So, the big fish is still thinking things over, but Ohio State signed 19 other future Buckeyes on a busy and drama saturated day. Scout has the class at #7 while Rivals has the unit ranked 9th. An improvement over last year when the services ranked the 2007 class as 16th and 15th respectively (in fairness, only 15 were signed last season and the services put weight on class size -- Jim Delaney smiles).

Once again, Tressel's class didn't suffer any last-minute defectors, which in this day and age, is really saying something. While relatively small compared to the top-ranked classes (Alabama, Notre Dame and Miami if you're looking for consensus among the major evaluation services), the Vest continued his tradition of selectively taking the top talent and not filling slots with 2-star warm bodies. Peep the official site for a fancy chart and recruit bios.

I won't rehash any of the Pryor bits because chances are, you all know just as much -- if not more -- about it than we do. I will say that from all accounts and speculation, he was on his way to Cbus before his father encouraged him to take another look at Penn State (the Oregon stuff is a smoke screen). He has until April 1 to make up his mind and coaches are now in a "quiet" period in which they're only allowed to contact unsigned recruits once per week. You can bet a few dozen top coaches will give it one more try.

One positive surprise was the signing of Orhian Johnson (ATH/FLA) who looks quick, because.. do-rags=speed, right? GoBucks89 may be on to something with the Gamble reference from earlier today. He definitely shares the same build and home state as the former cornerback.

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