Kelvin Sampson: A True Gentleman

By Chris Lauderback on February 15, 2008 at 3:08 pm
sampson1.jpgProps to the awesome Purdue blog Boiled Sports for the photoshop magic.

As Bob Baptist noted today, there is an unwritten agreement between the conference hoops coaches that if a kid verbals, rival schools are supposed to cease recruiting. Apparently, Kelvin Sampson didn't care much for that agreement as evidenced by his alleged recruitment of DeShaun Thomas after Thomas committed to Thad Matta last spring.

Apparently, Matta has wanted to choke out Sampson ever since and now it appears Sampson didn't stop with Thomas. Baptist's column notes the Toledo Blade reported OSU commit William Buford received a recruiting call from the IU staff nearly a full year after Buford's verbal to Matta.

IU assistant coach Rob Senderoff also placed an impermissable call to Evan Turner on May 11, 2006 as noted in the NCAA letter to IU outlining the allegations.

Indiana has a press conference scheduled for 3pm today to discuss the allegations and Sampson's status as Head Cheat, er Coach. A suspension while an internal investigation is completed appears to be a possibility as a precursor to termination once the university weighs its legal position.

Most pundits agree IU wants to can Sampson now but they've decided to proceed with caution after watching OSU botch the firing of fellow cheater Jim O'Brien to avoid a wrongful termination suit down the road. Either way, it's likely just a matter of time before Sampson is 86'd. Good riddance.