Did Alleged Sexual Misconduct Cost Torrence His Ride?

By Chris Lauderback on February 4, 2008 at 8:50 pm
Photo via MassillonProud.com

Even before Ohio State officially withdrew their scholarship offer to Massillon's DeVoe Torrence, speculation was rampant as to whether or not he might be in some legal hot water.

It appears there might be some legs to those rumors according to a Gus Garcia-Roberts story referenced by the fine folks at DeathRattleSports.

The story cites numerous rumors but does contain this bone chilling statement:

Police have been reticent to offer their own narrative. All they'll say is that over a several-month period, at least 14 boys — ranging in age from 14 to 21 — were suspected of having sex with three young girls, the oldest of whom was only 14.

Additionally, the Massillon Independent reported back in November that police were investigating a sex ring involving girls as young as 11 and that four of the people being investigated were athletes.

The story does not mention Torrence by name nor does it suggest his involvement but it does seem a bit curious that his scholarship was pulled as rumors of possible legal trouble continue to spread.

Even without any names dropped, it appears there is some fire to go with this smoke as Garcia-Roberts notes Assistant Chief Prosecutor Chryssa Hartnett confirmed indictments will come at some point in time.

I hope for DeVoe Torrence's sake, he was not involved. Either way, it looks like a real possibility that the town of Massillon and its storied football program could be rocked to the core.