11W Mix Tape: Reggie in Trouble Edition

By Jason Priestas on February 12, 2008 at 8:00 am
11W Mix Tape

No Wonder Pete's Name Surfaces for NFL Jobs
Pete Carroll's name has been tossed around a few times for open NFL jobs within the past couple of months and after each rumor, the conventional wisdom has always been that he'd be foolish to leave his spot for the NFL. After all, his time with the Jets and Patriots aren't necessarily shining spots on his resume.

But is he really crazy considering the dark Reggie Bush-tinted cloud enveloping his program? News just broke that Bush will be giving a deposition later this month in connection to a lawsuit filed against him by "financier" and aspiring agent Lloyd Lake.

If what Lake alleges is true -- and most seem to think so -- Bush will have to come clean about the loan for the Impala, the house for his parents and everything else. Programs have been torched for less and maybe Carroll can sense it coming as well.

Talent Is Never Enough
It's banquet season for college football coaches and that means the Vest will be conducting his 2nd straight post-mortem following a bowl disaster. Fans will be treated to soundbites from lecterns in cities across the state as they try to figure out what happened. Again.

Tressel spoke to the Hall of Fame Luncheon Club in Canton yesterday and mentioned the book the team read last season:

"Every year we read a book and the book we decided to read this past year is a book entitled ‘Talent is Never Enough’. The reason that we wanted to read that book was that we really felt as a coaching staff that we had good talent. We didn’t have much experience, but we felt we had talent. And the message that we had to internalize and truly believe is that despite the fact that we have some talent, that’s not enough. We were going to have to do all those things that don’t take talent."

His outlook for '08 in pure Tressel-speak:

"I think there’s no question Ohio State’s football team will be talented but, reflecting back on what was real going back to this past year, I hope we understand that talent isn’t enough, and the fact that the title of that book is that talent is never enough."

You know, talent isn't enough, but talent and some creative playcalling usually is.

Home Court Advantage
A U.S. District Judge has ruled that the lawsuit over Rich Rodriguez's $4 million buyout will be heard in West Virginia state court.

The judge took a look at the case and determined that the state and the university were basically one and moved the case back to the Circuit Court of Monongalia County after Rodriguez's attorneys had unsuccessfully argued that the case should be tried in the Federal Court system.

The long and aching break-up marches on, but the move back to West Virginia courts cannot be a good sign considering all but about 3 people in the state actually like the guy in a wizard hat selling snake oil.

The state would like to call Joe Tiller as its next witness, your honor.