11W Mix Tape: Guns Headed to Indy Edition

By Jason Priestas on February 19, 2008 at 2:00 pm
11W Mix Tape

The Bad News is..
The Buckeyes are only looking at having a few guys taken in the NFL draft as opposed to the bumper crops the Vest typically sends to the next level. The good news, of course, is that the reason for this is because all of the stud juniors (save for the Gun Show) opted to return for their senior seasons.

The NFL announced yesterday that Vernon Gholston, Kirk Barton and Larry Grant have been selected to attend the annual livestock show held annually in Indianapolis that is also known as the NFL Combine.

Gholston is reportedly creeping into top-five range for one club and is a near lock to be taken in the top 15 regardless of where he ends up. He can back it up on the field, but if there's one guy that the NFL Combine is made for, it's VG.

Barton is hoping to make a good showing and move up in scouts' eyes after suffering a knee injury leading up to the Senior Bowl. Anything before the 5th round would suit him fine, which may or may not happen, depending on how well he does at the Combine and Ohio State's Pro Day on March 7.

Grant, a former JUCO All-American and surely the only man in the history of college football to have lost four-straight national championship games, may end up being one of those guys that is taken late or signed as a free agent only to then find a team and stick.

Perrilloux's Suspension Makes that Opener a Lot More Interesting
Blogs were buzzin' yesterday about the "indefinite" suspension of LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux.

Depending on how much you want to believe at this time, the quarterback ran afoul for skipping classes and not living up to standards set from previous incidents and Miles decided to suspend him. Throw in a recently deceased father and moms allegedly yanking her son out of school and you have one SEC team in need of QB help.

When LSU recently booked Appalachian State for their home opener this season, they took some heat in some parts for scheduling a "cupcake". I didn't agree with that notion at the time and the Perrilloux situation only moves the line in that game closer. Any guesses on what the spread will be? I'm thinking 10, but I also think that's way too high.

More TP
Mike Farrell of Rivals.com spoke to Terrelle Pryor and confirmed what a lot of us were already thinking: he was set to sign with Ohio State only to back off because his father wanted him to take a closer look at Penn State.

So that feels kind of good, right? He had to have been sticking up for his future coach over the weekend, right? Right?

He also had some choice words for Mark May and if that doesn't make you an automatic Buckeye, I don't know what does.

Comcast and BTN Close Again, Maybe, Sorta
Word out of respective PR flaks is that Comcast and the Big Ten Network are close (once again) to reaching a deal.

I'm not holding any hope, but if the network does score Comcast, that will only put the screws to Time Warner a little tighter, so maybe by the start of the 2008 football season, we'll get to watch all of the games again. Just like the old days.