Dog-Mode Misses Own Birthday Party

By Jason Priestas on January 29, 2008 at 7:00 am
Greg Oden’s exciting lifeHey, wait a minute, there's no birth-
day party for me here!

The Oregonian is reporting that Portland's favorite injured superstar had to miss a 20th birthday party hosted for him at the Roseland Theater on Friday night.

The doors at Roseland Theater opened to the public at 9 o'clock Friday night, and there was a $15 cover charge for Greg Oden's birthday party. And there was alcohol served. And the promoters signed a deal with Toyota to sponsor the event.

More than 800 customers, 18 and over, were on the preliminary guest list, and there were lines of walkups.

Sounds like an amazing night. Until the agents got involved:

Oden has a team of agents who learned about the birthday party on Friday and were understandably nervous about how it was promoted. Then, his agents discovered there was a cover charge and alcohol would be served. And they saw Toyota's Scion logo on the billing, and after they finished slapping their foreheads, they called their client.

His agents clearly earned their paychecks on this one. Not to mention the deft image work they did in preventing a thousand fans from seeing their hero roll up in a Taurus.

(Via SBB)