Delusional Schoenhoft Eyes Transfer

By Chris Lauderback on January 14, 2008 at 7:00 am
What a coincidence, doesn't Terrelle Pryor wear number 11?!? (Photo: C. Tressel)

Ever since Rob Schoenhoft's demotion from backup quarterback to scout team tight end, rumors of a possible transfer swirled. According to The News Journal out of Wilmington, Delaware those rumors are true as SchoenHop appears set to become a Blue Hen.

The story does not quote Schoenhoft but his former coach at Cincy St. Xavier, Steve Specht, seems to believe its all but a done deal:

"He's talked to a few other schools, but I think his heart is set on Delaware," Specht said. "I think as long as something totally out of the ordinary doesn't happen, he'll be at Delaware. I know from conversations I've had with the coach that they're excited about him.

Personally, I wish Schoenhoft well. The bottom line is he was never going to be the starting QB at OSU and the move to Delaware, of the FCS, means he won't have to sit out a year plus the level of competition is a little more realistic. Okay, that was a little jab but I couldn't resist after reading Robbie's version of his play this year:

"I thought I did really well (during the season), actually. I was prepared enough to take over for Todd if anything happened. … I think my level of play proved it, too, so whatever happens, happens."

Uh...whatever you say, Robbie.