11W Mix Tape: Media Day Edition

By Jason Priestas on January 6, 2008 at 7:00 am
11W Mix Tape

Is It the Shoes?
Saturday was media day for the BCS Championship game and that meant several players were available for interviews for the first time since team photo day. In other words, it was the first time the press got a shot at Antonio Henton. Finally, answers to burning questions like: "How did you think you could score for $19?"

Unfortunately that question was never asked because Henton's line was that it was all a big misunderstanding. He said he was in the neighborhood looking to buy shoes and thought the undercover officer was flagging him down to for a ride:

""Where I'm from, if people need a ride, they're going to wave you down. That's kind of what I was thinking."

He eventually plead guilty to a misdemeanor count of loitering for prostitution and had to attend a one-day "john school". Any ideas on what that syllabus would look like?

Tressel Quips
Kurt Barton told a reporter that Tressel was the Elvis of Ohio. The Vest's response:

"I can't sing, I'll tell you that much. In college I had those longer chops, but that was back in the day."

When Alex Boone tried to pose as a reporter and asked if sweater vests came in his size:

"I think if you get on the weights a little bit you can fit into one of mine."

On the "Take Home Talk" DVD and his technical skills:

"First of all, I didn't make that. I don't even know how to Tivo."

When asked if he ever pounds a locker out of anger:

"Do you see any nicks on those hands? No, I'm smarter than that."

On Trindon Holliday's 10.02 speed in the 100m:

"I couldn't do 50 yards in 10.02."

The Hat's Turn/>
Miles offered up some quips of his own, but one thing that really stuck out to me is that he's a guy that uses the phrase "I have to be real honest with you.." before answering a question. Does this imply that whenever he doesn't use this phrase, he's lying?

The first question of his presser set the wardrobe tone, when a reporter asked him where the hat was:

"It doesn't stay on my head all the time. I put it in the locker occasionally."

What he misses about Ohio:

"I've always enjoyed the people in Ohio. Absolutely love it. Quality Midwest values. Enjoyable people. I miss the people."

After being informed of the current Ohio weather, what he didn't miss about the state:

"I don't miss the snow. I don't miss the wind, and I don't miss having to scrape my windshield after it rains and froze."

On him, a Michigan man, getting a shot at Ohio State:

"I think playing Ohio State certainly, with this background, Michigan, there will be a little added fun there. Enjoyment."

Asked about his own video game skills when discussing the software his quarterbacks have used to prepare:

"My son Ben Miles handed me a video game. It was a shoot 'em up game. And he said, okay, here you go, Dad. These guys are good guys; these guys are the bad guys. So I started working this thing I could turn it and make it walk, but I didn't know how to fire it. They said, you have to hit this, fire, and hit that. Dad, jump. Where's the jump button?"