Wolverines Continue Looting Of Morgantown

By Jason Priestas on December 16, 2007 at 7:15 pm
richierich.jpgWill be able to keep 95% of his wardrobe

Michigan West Virginia North finally found their guy.

Only 8 months after hiring Mountaineer basketball coach John Beilein, the Wolverines plucked football coach Rich Rodriguez to replace Lloyd Carr and become the schools 18th head football coach.

No word yet on whether they'll also make a run at the "King of Pork", in an effort to get the stadium renovation funds cooking.

The hiring finally ends the 28 days of pain endured by Wolverine fan as they come out of the ordeal with a good hire. Maybe not the guy they wanted most, but in the long run, probably a better selection. In one move, Michigan advanced their offensive scheme 20 years.

As SVM pointed out in the comments, Terrelle Pryor is now in play for Michigan and the thought of going from front-runner to potentially having to gameplan against Vince 2.0 is not exactly inspiring pleasant thoughts. They better hope they can land him because the thought of Luc Longley Ryan Mallett running that set is inspiring inspiring pleasant thoughts.

Rodriguez has a pretty hefty buyout clause ($4m) with Michigan expected to pick up most of that. He's also taking some heat on the way out for deciding to leave the team prior to their Fiesta Bowl matchup with the Sooners.

UPDATE: Rodriguez will reportedly be making $2.4m per.