Jim Delaney Runs A Tight Ship

By Jason Priestas on December 19, 2007 at 7:00 am
pamon.jpgStephen Parmon: The Pride of Cook County

Still wondering about the Big Ten officiating crew that came under fire for bad calls in the Penn State/Purdue and Ohio State/Illinois games and was subsequently suspended for the final week of the season? I wasn't either. But now I am.

Evidently, the crew chief, Stephen Pamon lived quite the colorful life.

And by colorlife life, I mean an alleged bankruptcy brought on by gambling debts, beating his girlfriend's kids with an electrical cord and allegedly trying to bone his 19-year-old niece.

Finally, to let you fools know that he's a business-meaning mofo, he got canned by the Chicago Police department for sexual harassment.

Get a load of this:

  • He and his wife filed for bankruptcy in 2002 after the couple amassed $429,407 in liabilities, and two of the creditors were casinos.
  • He allegedly has gambled at casinos as far back as the 1980s, and a sister-in-law said gambling losses incurred by Pamon and Pamon's wife led to the couple filing for bankruptcy.
  • In 1997, he was charged with repeatedly beating three of his girlfriend's four sons with an electrical cord. He told authorities he beat the boys three times.
  • He allegedly was fired by the Chicago Police Department in 1996 after two female officers accused him of sexual harassment, according to published reports that cited law-enforcement officials as sources.
  • One of Pamon's former wives accused him during a court hearing in 1994 of striking her and sexually assaulting her 19-year-old niece, according to court records.

Take nothing away from the Illini. They played a fantastic game and when the Buckeyes had a chance to get the ball back and tie the game in the 4th quarter, they couldn't get it done.

But in college football, where emotion and momentum play larger roles than they do in any other major sport, it's hard not to wonder how that game would have played out if the fumble that was obvious to everyone, had been called. Down and to the left.. Down and to the left:

Jeff pretty much sums it up:

So what the hell was the Big Ten thinking by letting a guy with that much of a checkered past officiate a game, let alone LEAD a frigging crew? The child abuse and sex charges are alone disgusting....but you let a guy with a GAMBLING problem be in charge of an officiating crew?

Hello, fox. Here's your henhouse. Guard it well, OK?

Jim Delaney has a lot to answer for.