And Now, For Some Good News

By Jason Priestas on December 20, 2007 at 2:30 pm
Paige Maxwell

Just so you're not thinking about the brilliant off-the-field decisions of young cornerbacks all day, we present you with with future Buckeye soccer star Paige Maxwell.

Recently profiled in The Plain Dealer, the Medina star says that her most prized possession is her Land Rover Discovery and that her friends call her "Hollywood" because she loves to dress up.

Yes, her calves are larger than yours, and yes, the photo above may not do her complete justice (see here for hawtness confirmation), but what we want to know is: since when did high school kids sport Land Rovers? Back in my day, we piled 3 per moped to cruise around town in search of adventure. And by adventure, I mean loitering in the Dairy Queen parking lot.

(Via Busted Coverage)