Danny Sheridan Is No Fan Of Northern Football

By Jason Priestas on November 29, 2007 at 4:00 pm
Danny Sheridan, fuzzy like thatThere is but one fuzzy picture of me on
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Oddsmaker Danny Sheridan recently shared his opinion of the BCS with the New York Times. The verdict -- he no likey:

"The two most important things to have are a good schedule and no conference playoff. It’s very uneven. It’s not a fair playing field.”


"West Virginia and Missouri are not the two best teams in the country. I think it’s safe to say when the final two teams have emerged, it’s not a fair playing field.”

No beef with the guy there. Heading into Glendale last season, I was a huge proponent of a playoff system. This year, with the Buckeyes on the cusp of getting back into the championship game, I feel the same way. No fan on the outside whining here -- instead, a fan of a team that's has it good, but is still advocating change.

It's worth pointing out that the conference title games came about not so much in an effort to pick a champ, but more so to pad some wallets. The SEC and Big 12 innovated in this space and I believe the other three major conferences will follow suit eventually, but the powers that be at these conferences can't have it both ways.

They essentially changed the dynamics of the game for their conferences in a money grab and now they don't like the way it's working out.

Alabama resident Sheridan also thinks that UConn would be defeated by "a high school team in Alabama." To be fair, he did call the SEC Championship game back in August, but statements like that make him sound like, well, an Alabamian.