BlogPoll Ballot - Week 13

By Jason Priestas on November 26, 2007 at 1:00 pm

Look at all that movement at the top of the ballot. We have the Buckeyes ahead of West Virginia at #2 because there's no doubt in our minds who would win that matchup on a neutral field. Granted, a similar offense handed OSU its only loss of the season, but we're banking on the fact that the staff learned their lesson and would let the defense fly around instead of coming up with a react-scheme.

It's all moot, though because if the Mountaineers and Tigers both win this weekend, they will play each other for the championship. Should the Buckeyes have to settle for the Rose Bowl, the silver lining is that 2007 will be remembered as the year the BCS broke down for good.

Teams 1-12 on our ballot all have legitimate arguments to be in the title game.

1 Missouri Mizzou has earned it. If they can get past the Sooners, they're in. That's a big if. UP2
2 Ohio State From what we've seen this year, there's no doubt that this team could beat anyone in the field. UP2
3 West Virginia The Mountaineers sent a message by hanging 60+ on UConn. A meager Pitt stands in the way of a trip to New Orleans. UP2
4 Georgia Georgia took care of Tech, but didn't get the help they needed from Kentucky. Mark Richt's team will be a tough bowl matchup. UP2
5 Oklahoma The Sooners have mastered the art of when to lose -- they've hung around the top 5 all season. Big chance to spoil Mizzou's season this weekend, but beating a team twice is tough to do. UP4
6 Florida Another team that is playing about as well as anyone right now. The thought of Tebow as a junior next year scares the shit out of us. UP5
7 Southern Cal If they're healthy they can play with anyone. Arizona State got a taste of that and more. UP5
8 LSU Remember last year when everyone thought OSU was invincible. And then this summer when USC was the team of ages. And then during most of the season when LSU.. DOWN7
9 Kansas Tough loss, but the Jayhawks can play some ball. If they get into a BCS game, they will cause some pain. DOWN7
10 Virginia Tech The Hokies took care of UVA and get a rematch with BC for the ACC Championship. --
11 Illinois Why again do Big Ten fans have to watch other conferences for two weeks after the end of the season? UP3
12 Hawaii After maintaining the #21 spot all year on our ballot, Hawaii earned the big jump with the Boise win. Beat Washington this week, and they will crash the BCS. UP9
13 Arizona State The Trojans expsoed ASU and showed Erickson just how much more work he needs to do in the Pac 10. DOWN6
14 Tennessee You can't keep Biggie Fulmer down. Fans want him out, but here he is, off to play a (very beatable) LSU in the SEC Championship. UP3
15 Boston College The Eagles did their patriotic duty and guaranteed the Hurricanes a losing season. Thank you. UP3
16 Wisconsin It's tough to look bad when you don't play. UP3
17 Clemson Clemson handed the OBC his 4th-straight loss since losing to Vandy and trash-talking the Buckeyes. UP3
18 South Florida Pitt did score 37 on the Bulls, so there's a little hope for the WVU game. UP5
19 Brigham Young BYU moved to 9-2 and can get that 10th win at San Diego State this weekend. UP5
20 Cincinnati The Bearcats put half a Franklin and then some on Syracuse, but Kelly's players have to be wandering if that was coach's last game in the Queen City. UP5
21 Oregon The Leaf experiment didn't last long and the Ducks suddenly look like one of the worst teams in the nation. DOWN13
22 Texas We keep saying that Mack Brown is the JHC of the Big 12. Texas fans are starting to finally figure that out. DOWN9
23 Wake Forest Wake ended the season with a spanking of Vandy. If you've been paying attention this season, you know that's somewhat impressive. NR
24 Boise State Boise State couldn't score enough points to stay in the game with Hawaii. At least they got a free vacation out of it. DOWN8
25 Virginia Tough loss to the Hokies, but the Cavs have to be satisfied with their season. DOWN10

DROPPED OUT: Connecticut (#22).