BlogPoll Ballot: Week 11

By Jason Priestas on November 12, 2007 at 2:00 pm

Another week and another top ranked team takes one on the chin. Extra juiciness this week as it's the team that most of the country was rooting for to lose anyway.

We're left with a lone undefeated team from any of the BCS conferences and that team, Kansas, isn't even the #1 team in our ballot or the polls that go into deciding the championship participants.

Imagine if Kansas, Oregon and LSU all win out. Kansas would most certainly have made the jump into the top 2 by then considering it would have beaten Missouri and then Oklahoma to end the season. Their opponent? Most-likely LSU on the strength of an SEC Championship game victory. What then about the Ducks?

The more probable scenario is that Kansas drops one or two along the way and we're left with 4 or 5 teams with one loss. What then?

The BCS, it's grrreaat!

1 Oregon The Ducks had a bye and catch somewhat of a breather with a game at Arizona this weekend. Should have smooth sailing to New Orleans. UP1
2 LSU If the Tigers win out, Miles will have a chance to prove his pre-season smack talk about the PAC-10 correct. UP1
3 Kansas First chance for much of the nation to get a look at the Jayhawks and they looked good. Iowa State sould be win #11 this weekend. UP3
4 Oklahoma The Sooners kept rolling, blitzing Baylor. They head into Mike Leach's Pirateland this weekend before ending the season against Okie State the following week. --
5 Missouri Could the Big 12 be where it's really at this season? This conference could have an argument to two at large BCS bids when it's said and done. UP2
6 Ohio State They were beaten on the field, and we tried to slide them to a spot where it didn't rank of smack homerism. DOWN5
7 West Virginia The Mountaineers do a good job of clobbering the weak teams, but any halfway-decent squad gives them fits. Watch out in the Nati this weekend. DOWN2
8 Georgia The Dawgs put a beat-down on Auburn and are looking as hot as any team in the SEC right now. Upset alert when Kentucky comes to town this weekend. UP1
9 Arizona State Slipped by UCLA, were they looking ahead to the visit by the Trojans this weekend? DOWN1
10 Virginia Tech Completely redeemed themselves for the BC collapse by taking Bowden to the wood shed. Next up, a woeful Hurricane team. UP1
11 Southern Cal Escaped the Hippiedrom with their $500 designer jeans unscathed. Rose Bowl implication game at ASU this weekend. UP1
12 Florida Sent the OBC to his 3rd consecutive loss after he ran his mouth about OSU. Any chance Tebow could leave after his sophomore season this year? He's going to be unstoppable next year. UP1
13 Texas The Horns got by Tech in a shootout and head to A&M next weekend. Think they won't want revenge for the way McCoy was roughed up last year? UP3
14 Clemson The Tigers spanked Wake and this week they'll get a chance to hand BC its 3rd straight L. UP5
15 Illinois Seriously, how did this team lose to Iowa? They're going to do some damage in their bowl game and we're already dreading the trip to Champaign next year. NR
16 Virginia They've won a lot of squakers, but they're 9-2 and any team that beats the "U" 48-0 deserves some love. NR
17 Boise State This team is clicking right now. The date with Hawaii in a few weeks is looming large. UP6
18 Cincinnati It's great to see Ben Mauck having success this year. Bearcats have a very winnable game against WVU this weekend at Nippert. UP7
19 Tennessee Fulmer (and his arteries) thrive under pressure. With his job on the line, the Vols have a good shot at the SEC championship game. NR
20 Boston College Maryland? Wow. The Matt Ryan Heisman campaign was short-lived. The Eagles may be staring at their 3rd straight loss in Clemson this weekend. DOWN10
21 Hawaii Fresno State gave them a run. Won't matter.. if Boise State doesn't get them in 2 weeks, Washington will the week after that. --
22 Wisconsin Huge win for the Badgers because Michigan had owned them the last decade. NR
23 Michigan It's tough to win games with your best guys on the bench. Hart, Henne and Long have been thinking about this next game for 12 months. DOWN9
24 Kentucky Ranking them for now, but they do travel to Athens this weekend, so don't expect to see them for long. NR
25 Connecticut Should heal from the loss to UC by feasting on Syracuse this week. DOWN10

DROPPED OUT: Auburn (#17), California (#18), Florida State (#20), Alabama (#22), Arkansas (#24).