BlogPoll Ballot: Week 10

By Jason Priestas on November 5, 2007 at 2:00 pm

Two more unbeaten teams fell by the wayside and we're left with 2 major unbeatens (3 if you count the team formerly known as the "Rainbow Warriors", but we're not). Despite all the gnashing of teeth and wailing from the masses, the Buckeyes are in the title game if they win out.

We like Oregon in the 2nd spot because LSU is looking less the gorilla with a chainsaw for a penis we saw earlier in the season.

The BCS thinks differently, putting them at #2, but excuse me for refusing to believe Alabama would smoke a Penn State or Wisconsin. Others no doubt feel differently and that's what makes the potential of an Ohio State-LSU matchup in the BCS Championship Game so fresh. Beating the Tigers in their own backyard would be a tall order, but would silence the critics (for 8 months or so at least).

As always, you can check the ballots of every voter and the final version is due Wednesday morning, so get your thoughts in by Tuesday night if you think we got it wrong.

1 Ohio State The Buckeyes dispatched a P.J. Hill-less Badger team. Only two more chances for the haters to root against the Vest. --
2 Oregon Arizona State wasn't a world-beater, but they are a good team. I think Vegas would take the Ducks over LSU right now. --
3 LSU Another nail-biter. Because, you know, any team in the SEC would win the Big Ten/PAC10/AFC East.. --
4 Oklahoma The Sooners spanked A&M and could be a threat to jump LSU soon. UP2
5 West Virginia The Mountaineers had a bye before their Thursday night tilt with Louisville this week. UP2
6 Kansas Nebraska kind of sucks these days, but 76 is 76. The odds of seeing Mangino on national TV for 3 hours in January are all but a lock right now. UP2
7 Missouri Each time Missouri goes out and annihilates an opponent, the Sooners win looks that much better. UP2
8 Arizona State Can't punish these guys for losing at Autzen -- the Ducks are rolling right now. DOWN3
9 Georgia You can snicker about a 10-point win over Troy, but folks that know football don't. Big game against an Auburn team out for revenge from last season's drubbing. UP1
10 Boston College The Noles won in the cold! Check that, the Noles won! How good can these Eagles really be? DOWN6
11 Virginia Tech The Hokies put it to Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Next up is Beamer v. Bowden. --
12 Southern Cal The Trojans got back on the winning side of things thanks to Oregon State. Their game against Cal this weekend looks significantly weaker than it did two months ago. --
13 Florida The Gators throttled Vandy and head to SC this weekend in a game that won't receive any hype for the coaching matchup whatsoever. --
14 Michigan Tough comeback on the road in a rivalry game, though MSU gave a little bit of it away. Wolverines get the Badgers this weekend. --
15 Connecticut Proving they're for real, UConn beat down Rutgers. Big game in the 'Nati this weekend. UP1
16 Texas It took a monster comeback, but the Horns got the victory and that's ultimately all that matters. DOWN1
17 Auburn Tuned up for the Georgia game this weekend by punking Tennessee Tech. UP1
18 California The Bears finally got it together, though they almost let Washington State steal it. Welcome USC to town this weekend. UP4
19 Clemson Put one on the Dukies, whose lone victory this season was Northwestern. Yeah Big Ten! NR
20 Florida State Gotta give 'em some love for exposing Boston College. Next up: Virginia Tech. NR
21 Hawaii We've decided that Hawaii could win their next 200 games and they'd still stay at #21. --
22 Alabama Hung tough with LSU, but Bear Saban ran out of miracles (fumbles inside the 5 don't help either). UP1
23 Boise State SOS Particle Points: the Washington loss remains as Boise's lone blemish of the season. NR
24 Arkansas Run DMC indeed. Spurrier got his for talking smack about OSU a few weeks back. Karma, OBC, karma. NR
25 Cincinnati I'm so glad about 40% of the voters had USF #1 a few weeks back. Genius. NR

DROPPED OUT: South Florida (#17), South Carolina (#19), Wake Forest (#20), Wisconsin (#24), Troy State (#25).