When Number One Isn't Number One

By Jason Priestas on October 16, 2007 at 1:00 pm
OuchThis is what most of the nation first thinks of
whenever Ohio State is brought up.

The Buckeyes may be at the top of the BCS standings along with every other major poll, but has there ever been a #1 receiving so little respect around the country?

The computers have the team tied for 5th and two AP voters felt compelled to cast their first-place votes for schools already saddled with a loss. Early ballots for the BlogPoll are leaning South as well.

Ohio State has really no one to blame for this but themselves. Their showing, or rather lack thereof, against the Gators 9 months ago is still haunting the program.

Their Big Ten brethren haven't helped the team's cause much either. It started with this. Add some of that and pretty soon you arrive here.

(Note: When SEC teams beat up on each other, it's because the conference is so tough. When it's the Big Ten doing the same, well that's a different story.)

You could see this coming and quite honestly, a lot of the doubters make good points. The team's "signature" wins pale in comparison to other elite squads and when the team picked to win the conference gets beat by a I-AA at home to start the season, the Big Ten deserves some shots.

There's still so much football to be played, but you have to like the fact that your team is getting no respect and controls its own destiny. That's a hell of a motivation point for any team.

Even better is the possibility that the Buckeyes could conceivably win out and still be getting no respect. There's even a good chance that if they win out, they could get jumped in the rankings by a one-loss team along the way.

All the better. I'll take that chip on the shoulder with a shot at redemption into New Orleans any day.