The Carnage Continues

By Jason Priestas on October 20, 2007 at 6:25 pm
Steve SpurrierThe Commodores?

Perhaps Georgia knew something when they celebrated on the Vanderbilt star at midfield last weekend. Is winning in Nashville that tough?

The Commodores sent the latest top 10 team tumbling when they handed the Old Ball Coach and his #6 Gamecocks a 17-6 setback this afternoon.

Spurrier's sparkling 14-0 record against Vanderbilt came crashing down faster than you can say "era of parity".

#20 Tennessee took one on the chin, going down to Alabama 41-17 and #19 Cincinnati lost by 7 to a 2-win Pitt. Highly regarded Oklahoma managed to squeak by a one-win Iowa State -- a team that lost to Kent State.

Best conference? Best team? Who really knows anymore.

With each passing weekend -- each upset and crazy outcome, this Buckeye team looks better and better.


After our plea for the whereabouts of former Buckeye safety and special teams kamikaze Tito Paul, a reader fills us in.

Paul is now an insurance agent for State Farm in Delaware, OH. Thanks Zeke!